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We are your place to call David is up next David go right ahead. Les Paul big fan Anglade to get to speak till you one time. Thank you very much. Absolutely. I keep it short. And sweet. I gotta be honest. I think the allburn football program could act say learn something from the basketball program coaching was and I'm a big fan. Bruce Pearl's been a class act. He is not made an excuse and pointed the finger blamed arrest he's been you know, he's told him players. Keep your heads up. I just saw I love the no excuses like, hey, man, it happens. And you just you deal with it. You're absolutely right. I thought his message about faith after the game was very inspirational. And you know, Bruce told us last week that he was going to take advantage of this platform and David he did thank you very much, by the way. I if you hard knocks pizzeria has also gotten they've offered Barnes free food. So if you're if you're watching in Knoxville at any the establishments is tweet us that we'll pass it along. We we we we assume Barnes probably is watching right now seeing where his next meal is coming from. Let's continue with more phone calls and the Brett is in Arkansas hybrid. Go right ahead. Hello. I'm they. If they fan and SEC country, but I pay a lot of attention to Arkansas. And I was kind of curious about what you thought about the Muslim in higher at a Arkansas. I like it very much. In fact, I thought must've been ultimately was going to end up at LA shoe, but LSU has not moved very quickly on on their higher. He has a great reputation that runny head last year with Nevada was was pretty inspiring. And you know, I think he'll he'll fit in. Well, I I think it will crew. Well, he runs a I think his type of style of basketball is exciting, and I like the higher very much. Yeah. Getting I've gone gone car few games and. Not a lot of people showed up in the last couple of years. Even though coach Anderson had had some good teams especially last year. And I don't know what I don't get why they didn't come. And I thought coach Anderson was it like guy and did a lot of good things for the program. He just couldn't couldn't take them. You know, get him over the edge. I guess you gotta run your program become stagnant. For whatever reason you either show patients or you make a change. And I and I listen, I think we both agree. Mike is a first class guy. And I would have liked to have seen him coach forever. I really liked him personally very much. But I also understand the decision. I if something is inevitable. Don't wait til next year. Just go ahead and make the change. Yeah. Come comes down to wins and losses in the end. And while you're doing the tournament. Yeah. He he wasn't consistent enough. And now this year, I think you saw what was it that six game losing streak? I it became. Became pretty pretty pretty difficult to watch. Yeah. Hit did. So I appreciate you taking my call and have a good rest of your week. Thank you, great to hear from you. Brett appreciate it. Very very much. Daddy is in Louisville and Betty welcome to the program on this Monday afternoon about the means the final Monday night of the college basketball season. And no Hello. Hey, thank you for taking my call. If the first time I've ever called. But I'm calm to say it's great to begin Auburn tiger. I'm so proud, and they I'm really proud, and I love Bruce Pearl..

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