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Who roar saying powerhouse and she had the flu i nicaragua's ccri hey you may have missed this performance earlier jason goodman barred his jersey today brady jersey his and his son landen's that's what he wanted to do and he owned up to a year what i wanted to do lift clear he thought it would never happened that was part of the backed when you bet you never want to do whatever the loss is that's what makes a good bet right i have a little bit surprised though i'm not proud of you jason for what i don't i five i prepare for you to come in and give a million reasons why you couldn't do the bat it's funny that you said that of the early this morning i thought thought of a few hundred reasons why i said it's not worth the effort because you know you be you would never limitdown ever up if you objects not pay up on your bat now let's terrible well apparently mankyu sir matt he did not attend jason good miserable party which was awesome as usual armed offs in the then no the party the also israel but clearly america's met went to the worst super bowl party ever it was up there why how known as the worse ira i have never heard east i don't know this is fran i guess out but he met in say any madison as one of the worst it was the worst i've never heard of super bowl party this bad in my entire life and katie had it worse the man kits can we have back mm it is aides bags ease their down on uh says the man has lana two in the new is insane am oh mm ooh now now man from his aides lean back dowd free freeze later for his own count fresh that he's been norma towns trai clinton they rely on eighteen only on the demons we miss only john maynard wing this is the serena megan born kinkel's rang that gene millie unmih's meet how does gin monarch mm we'll be back love singh singh.

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