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A resolution declaring pornography a health credit risk particularly for teenagers president trump has again attack one of the nineteen women who have accused him of sexual harassment and assault after our story was published in a frontpage washington post article headlined is anyone listening rachel crooks accuses trump of forcibly kissing her without her consent on the lips while she worked as a receptionist in trump tower in two thousand five on tuesday president trump coulter a lawyer tweeting quote a woman i don't know and to the best of my knowledge never met is on the front page of the fake news washington post saying i kissed her for two minutes yet in the lobby of trump tower twelve years ago never happened who would do this in a public space with lives security unquote in response rachel crux called on trump to release the security camera footage this is rachel crux recounting the incident at a news conference here in new york in december about twelve years ago as a young receptionist in trump tower i was forcibly kissed by mr trump during our first introduction mr trump repeatedly kissed my cheeks and ultimately my lips in an encounter that has since impacted in my life well beyond the initial occurrence and feelings of selfdoubt and insignificance i had that some men think they can use their power position or notoriety to demean an attack women speaks to their character not ours which believe me is a tough lesson learned rachel corruption is now running for a seat in the ohio state legislature to hear our discussion with more of the women who accused president trump of sexual harassment assault or misconduct go to democracy now dot org and more news on sexual harassment and assault a woman who's accused supreme court justice clarence thomas of sexual harassment is calling for his impeachment from the bench journalist angela wright shannon says thomas repeatedly pressured her to.

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