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And find your nearest location at Jackson Hewitt dot com News time 1248 Traffic and weather on the 8th and one a day it's been too Rudy Kessler on the WTF traffic center Well right now a lot of people stuck on the area roadways authorities are asking if you do not have to go anywhere Please do not stay off the road so that crews can continue to clean up the roads so that they will once again be drivable Some of the more notable closures are stoppages include the suitland Parkway between branch avenue and firth Sterling also we had reports of numerous trees down on the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway south of one 98 then southbound inside the beltway people weren't moving Route 50 east bound near I 97 traffic had been stopped to clear the roads Westbound near I 97 in davidsonville road there were several jackknife tractor trailers in the roadway Southbound two 70 before 28 or west Montgomery avenue the crash on the right side Portions of route four were reportedly closed due to the weather as well as portions of route 5 between birdhill road and brandy wine road Northbound Georgia avenue after the beltway the broken down bus was along the right side We also have closures in treacherous conditions around portions of two ten to 14th central avenue three O one between Osbourne and root four in Virginia north bound 95 near 6 30 in Stafford it was a single lane getting by multiple stuck tractor trailers Southbound still closed between the center port Parkway and 17 due to a crash involving not one but 6 tractor trailers people have been stopped there for hours since earlier this morning We had a portion of the George Washington Parkway shut down north of Mount Vernon northbound route one near Lockheed boulevard was the scene of a crash one 23 was closed between Cedar avenue and kenmore dry for some sort of utility issue if it's not a tree down It is wires down in the roadway also callers reporting Burke Lake road closed between the fairfax county Parkway and one 23 due to a fire truck stopped across the roadway Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes entire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Meteorologist Matt Ritter it's starting to wind down at least for some of us right The accumulations are starting to wind down but this impact is going to go well.

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