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That's one thing, man, I've got zero entitlement. My wife vicious that that one. Have you know millennials, man? That's funny, a distinction because millennials alike I far let me make sure I get this right? It's an eight years span from white eighty three to ninety one. And the problem is the world changed so much for those people who would have been born there. They you could have been born, you know, let's say like eighty six to eighty three and your high school experience is completely different than someone who was born eighty seven to ninety one. You know, it's not, and I may not even have those numbers like completely correct. I think but what? Yeah, we I was talking to someone about this on Twitter a few weeks ago about how you know the millennial gap is so as to wide because of how quickly the world chains. Technology. Like I mean, no one had a cell phone when I was a senior in high school, social media wasn't thing and and you know, four years later I'm behind because I don't even have a frigging Facebook ourselves phone. How'd that happen? You know behind. Yeah, it's crazy man. Like you said, just in like maybe a five year period after I remember being in high school too, and cell phones or basically still new, like a bunch of my friends had got we'd, we'd had highs. We'd had cell phones in high school, but we didn't have like the smartphones and no of still fairly new. The texting was like, you know, you press the button like four times. It was like that type of man. Man don't even when I was in middle school. I remember like if a friend had to call a friend had to call a getting hold a hold of me, they had to call my house and then I have to call their house back and it was like, you know that thing. Oh, yeah. That was for years a phone. Remember remember you couldn't be on the internet phone of the same time. DSL was a big thing. Oh, man. Now DSL was I is slow like Joe, your cell phone is faster so, and that's not within that. And that's the one three g you know. So yeah, yeah, yeah. Just the different world heavy joined the elite men.

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