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What I'm looking at, you know, compared to what they were last year. I mean how why do you what do you think about my God? I, I think it's a couple couple of couple of things one you start with the quarterback. Okay. Everybody loves a quarterback in the should this kids and apps. Trevor nights and incredible football player and he's just he's just a sophomore. He's just he's a baby just learning how to play. The position. That's number one number two. Yes. You lost. All those great guys on the defensive lines, one of the best defensive lines. We've seen in a long, long time, but Clemson has recruited exceedingly. Well, so that's, that's they've got now do they have guys as good as the guys they lost. No. But they got good guys. Okay. And that's the thing they, they don't have bad players. They have good players that they're going to develop into great players, like the that's number three is they sit there and they look at that schedule, you You know, know. look at the ACC who in the scares you all right? Does anybody in the ACC scare Clemson? I don't think so they got Texas am coming to their place. But I, I don't know the Texas thing and it can go in there and win. Although we had a caller earlier, who said that they could. So I think when you put it together, you put it to you put travel, orange together travel arts. You put the schedule, you put you put the fact that they've recruited exceedingly, well the last four or five years, under dabble Swinney. But mostly the schedule who the question is who's going to beat them, who, who get going to be Clemson? The biggest thing I look in that is, you know, they're going to win. Maybe forty two thirty instead of forty two ten. Yeah. But you know what? A winning. It doesn't matter if it's ten to nine okay as long as you went all the games and you get to the play offs. And then we'll find out how good they really are. So we'll say, hey, listen. I gotta run. Thanks for calling appreciate it. Okay. Call us next out. All right. We need to take a break. We've got Mike Griffith of dog nation dot com. Coming up, he had a chance to sit down with David Pollack and we're going to talk about the dogs and we're gonna talk about the transfer portal. Mike Griffith coming up here on the Paul finebaum show. This is Tony Barnhart sit again for Paul. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. All right. We're back everybody and we're gonna turn now to young man. I've seen grow up in his career. He doesn't incredible job for dog nation dot com and.

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