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When the shooter snooty Moseley. Or snow S N O C H snow Chea Moseley. Twenty-six shot herself in the head. She later died at the hospital. She's from Baltimore temporary employee who reported to work as usual to eight o'clock this morning started shooting about an hour later. She began outside the Rite Aid facility than moved into the building. Two of the victims died at the scene one day to the hospital three additional victims who were wounded were hospitalized where we're expected to survive. The sheriff there Jeffrey Gahler investigators are still working to determine a motive. He said that he didn't know how well the victims and shooters new week and the shooter knew each other, but they likely had some previous interaction because it was not her first day the FBI office in Baltimore and special agents from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms resisting. But the investigation the shooter was armed with a nine millimeter Glock, which was registered in her name, and she had several magazines. So this was not an assault rifle. It was a pistol which is most of these shootings are and again, Nancy Pelosi galling for gun control. How 'bout crazy control? How about that? We're living people just roam the street. I can guarantee you what we're gonna find out in the aftermath of this and the days and weeks to come all. Yes, she was really troubled. She was in this that and the other she'd been in and out of mental institutions, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and how we allow those folks to get guns. I have no idea. She apparently bought the gun. It was registered in her name. And she's obviously nuts or was. President Trump was briefed on the shooting. And we were monitoring says Sarah Sanders, telling NBC news this afternoon. Former congresswoman Gabby Gabby giffords sent a tweet three workplace active shooting attacks in just the last twenty four hours should sparked outrage in every American well, it does how in the world a crazy folks getting guns. It's not the guns, folks. How many of you own a nine millimeter Glock? There are a lot of out there. How many have you gone in shot up a Rite Aid? You go common denominator is crazy. And until we figure that piece of the puzzle out. It's going to continue to happen. Now. Ladies and gentlemen, beta Aurora. This is the Bego excuse me Baidoa Rourke in that is a beta of veto Baidoa. Isn't it whatever? His name is beta this guy was speaking to a crowd and a black person asked him, a quit. My question. Do you support granting citizenship in American benefits to illegal aliens who violated our country to come here who fly their foreign flags here who have citizenship in their countries, and whose families did absolutely nothing to build this country while black people are subject to things that you explain before you can you can answer. Yes. Or no, please. Well, he didn't leave it a dance. He says many many people built this country first of all, and we are a country of many people, and I'm paraphrasing Congressman Lewis at this point. But he said something to the effect that each of us came to this country in a different ship. Well, I didn't come to the country to ship. I was self contained folks. Yes. Some of us came here against our will some of us immigrated here lawfully what the hell is he talking about? Some of us are showing up right now as we speak there fleeing the deadliest countries in the planet today, we're in a planet. I thought we were on it. Anyway. So then he couldn't leave well enough alone. Hayes as I mentioned going to high school in Roscoe. I also went to the cotton gin and Roscoe and at that cotton gin, there are twenty four jobs and the manager of that Jin says it does not matter the wages that I pay or the number of hours that we said, no one born in Roscoe or Texas or this country who was willing to work, but there are immigrants who are coming from Central America or Mexico or parts of the world to Roscoe to work these jobs and to help build our economy, so illegal immigrant labor is needed for the cotton gin. Is that racist, by the way? I mean, you know, so we need illegals depict cotton. Is that what he's trying to tell us. He recently said an interview on CBS the late show that he supported an amnesty for more than three million illegal aliens who were eligible and enrolled for the DACA program weaken free dreamers from the fear of deportation by making them US citizens today, so they can contribute to their maximum capacity. So that to their full potentially says mass low-skilled illegal and legal immigration has come at the expense of America's black working and middle class communities and workers rights Breitbart, data reported by Breitbart news reveals how studies by economists. And researchers find that it is specifically underprivileged black American men who suffer the most from infotainment of more than one point five million low skilled immigrants every year to the US. In the mid nineteen ninety civil rights icon in Texas democratic congresswoman Barbara Jordan issued the findings of her immigration commission where she revealed a mass immigration to the US hurt poor working class and lower tier middle class Americans the most as it unfairly put them in competition with a neverending flow of cheaper foreign workers. So you got a black guy asking this guy. Are you serious? I mean, you're supporting illegal immigrants in what we need them for the cotton gin since you black folks won't work that anymore. You know? I mean, we need we need Jose down of the cotton gin. Good great. If a Republican had said this all my gosh. They'd be run out of town. If Trump had said, okay. Can you imagine? Can you imagine? Amazon. This may not come as a surprise to you. But there's a study Al that Amazon employees donated ninety percent to the democrat packs and ten percent to Republicans. This is since two thousand six this confirms Amazon's liberal slant. They say at PJ media, which is landed the online retailer in legal trouble, in many cases. Earn me Sanders. He took one hundred and seven thousand from two hundred seventy five employees for his presidential campaign. So, but no, we're not bias or anything. Don't don't don't think anything about that. Jobless claims for the lowest level in almost fifty years and the Democrats are now scrambling. Well, this is because of this is caused a Florence really re cause of Florence. Well, yeah, they they couldn't get there to file you say because in really plays initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell by three thousand to a seasonally adjusted two hundred and one thousand for the week ending September fifteenth corner to the Labor Department that's the lowest level since November of nineteen sixty nine. Winning folks. That's what winning is all about the economy is so back. We told you yesterday they went out to some university in Michigan asking these kids who do you think's responsible for this wonderful economy, Barack Obama or Donald Trump? Well, I hate Trump. But I gotta give it to Trump. I mean, this is Trump's economy. So in spite of all the good news. They still hate the guy. It's personal now Brett Kavanagh's accuser is going to testify but on two conditions. The first is well, we're not going to be able to make it on Monday. We just can't do that. That's an arbitrary time date. We're not gonna do. Then the second condition is you have to ensure her safety. What does that mean? Of course, they'll ensure her safety is they do everybody else in the committee room. You think that Grassley is not under some threat? You think that every everybody in the as a target by some nut ball out there? Of course, you'll be safe in the coming. What do you think? Some Republicans can jump across the the hearing panel there and strangled to death. What are you talking about? Again, what they're doing is delaying. I'm telling you. This woman is not going to testify well, by the way. Another another classmate bites the dust. This woman had actually written on Facebook. And this is a classmate of of Dr Ford, Christina king. Miranda. And she had posted on Facebook. The incident did happen. Many of us heard about it in the school. Well, then when she was pressed about this by Nina totenberg, NPR, she said that had happened or not. I have no idea. I can't say that it did or didn't. Well, you just said the incident dead and capital D I D happen. Many of us heard about it in the school. And now you're saying that had happened or not I have no idea. What if you had no idea? Why did you post it on Facebook? Oh, yeah. She took the posting them. And now she's saying you people stop bothering me. I'm not doing any more interviews. Okay. I'm gonna got fifty cable outlets out there wanting to die. I'm not gonna talk about through talking. She issued a statement about then in my Facebook post, and I still don't understand what this means in my Facebook post. I was empowered. And I was sure it probably did happen. She says what does that mean? I was empowered. Is this is I don't speak liberals. I if somebody can translate this for me. I would I was I was empowered speak truth to power. And I I was sure it probably did happen. I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defended before fifty cable channels and have my face spread. Oliver m MSNBC news and Twitter, by the way. Are there fifty cable news channels? I don't think so. I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defended what? Well, then why in the world did you post it because you thought you could snipe it Brad Kavanagh from behind the Bush and get away with it. And then they called you on it, and you're going, well, really, I have no idea that they have no idea what you said that it definitely did happen capital. D? I d it did. She noted on Twitter that she did not have firsthand knowledge of the incident. She says on Twitter to all media. I will not be doing any more interviews. No more circus to clarify my post. I do not have firsthand knowledge of the incident that Dr Christine Blasi Ford mentions, and I stand my by my supportive Christine. That's it. I don't have more to say on the subject. So in other words, you lied about it you put yourself out there as a witness somebody who knew and then when they pressed you on it. We learned that you were lying about it. Now, you don't want anybody to ask you about it anymore. I understand how that goes. You just want to quietly go away. That's fine. This woman is not going to testify because when she gets in there. They're going to ask her. Do you know what year this happened? Now. I know I was fifteen. Do you do math, by the way? Do you know what you're you were born can you an fifteen to that? And tell us maybe what year it was. I don't know. That's a little too difficult. I'm not a math. Professor, do you know where it happened where? Probably somewhere in Maryland. Maybe do you. I mean more specific the, you know, like a town or a house or at address or anything like that. While now, I don't know then they're gonna make her into a buffoon that she is. This is ridiculous. You don't know the year. You don't know where it happened, but you're darn positive. It did happen. And you got witnesses that are now falling through the cracks including two that were supposedly Brett Kavanagh's friends. She said there were four there were four of us in the house that knew about it. There was me. There was Brett Cavanaugh and there were two of his friends while the two friends have come forward and going not only do we not know about the incident. We have no idea. What party she's talking about? We we weren't at some party. She's talking about so that leaves out of the four just one who remembers it, and that's her quick time out. We'll get your thoughts in a moment. One eight hundred six one eight Phil that's one eight hundred six one eight seven four four five. We're back in just two Brian Wilson. Join me for.

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