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Our amazing listeners for you we have a guest that comes on the program Steve I'm sure you've heard of them David Politis who's written a book called missing four one one about people who are just vanishing in in our state and federal park systems they're just gone and nobody knows where they are you have mentioned the case of a Dennis Martin tell me about that our service that was the first missing person case but I never really got into I was about the same age as this morning when that happened nineteen sixty nine he was about a year older than me I think he was six when he went missing so I would've been around five and I live not too far from the smoky mountains and it was father's day nineteen sixty nine he was there with his father and grandfather and thank you brother and they were gonna play in an area cades cove call Spence field they're very smoky mountains national park and those boys really playing hide and seek or or the parents or whatever you wanna call there was another family that they had met there that also happen to be named the Martin switch there's a lot of almost forty and thanks to this case well Dennis's father observed and go behind a bush to hide and then three minutes later the other boys while back no sign of Dennis who works directly to the bush we saw Dennis go behind nothing there walks around it a couple times goes into the thicket nothing there and that was the last time that I ever saw Dennis was when he stepped around behind that bush totally disappeared left no trace no clues that times the biggest manhunt the the Great Smoky Mountains national park had ever had the green berets helped out the FBI helped out hundreds of civilians searchers and national park or street service workers no Trice ever ever she's answering you know my little five year old wine that just adds that happened you know that was my first time to kind of wrap my head around that that you know people can go missing kids can go missing in I thought well we only live about an hour or so away from the smoke is going to be five years old you don't think about an hours driving distance and I even went out on my bicycle and run around the country roads there we were and then look for something that was pretty brave on your part Steve my god I wanted to find him every day I watch the news and read the paper back then Knoxville Tennessee had two daily newspapers the the Knoxville journal which is morning paper the locks on the symbol which was the evening paper every day I look at the papers and I like him a scrapbook of clippings about that case and it just it always haunted we always stayed with me and just and to this day he's been missing over fifty years now and absolutely no collusion what a horrible thing for the parents to have to go through Steve's dad passed away on our way no less is a couple years ago and it just feels that long to have absolutely no closure it does it have to be yeah that's the worst just not knowing not knowing Steve stay with us we're gonna take a quick break Steve has a couple YouTube channels by the way which we got linked up for you with coast to coast AM dot com go take a look at that we're talking about some of his works including strange things in the woods sign up now for coast zone are free email newsletter get it today it coast to coast AM dot com.

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