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Is is that in the game. Yeah we when we started this thing. We were very much you know. There's there's very much that that phenomenon where it's the the hopeless new guys who don't have a chance that everybody gets behind because you're you're underdogs and everybody wants to cheer on your blog and get behind what we're doing and and you know. We went from utter and total obscurity. Nobody knew who were to be in the new guys. You know hapless helpless basically no chance in hell this is gonna work and everybody you know jumped on and wanted to sort us and help us. And then and then when you pass a certain kind of threshold of whatever everybody considers the visibility. That's when it's time for you to get cut back down again you know the poppy syndrome untreated her. That if you just you grow you grow beyond what The the rest of the drive thinks you should be so you you They out there to cut your own switch and And they take your ass And in the beginning the nature of the beast isn't it. yeah it does. It happens You know it really hurt in the beginning. Until i think three kids. I just realized that all of my favorite bands went through that when they were successful in all my favorite bands got roundly kills for doing well. You know because it's like oh. I was van when they you know when it was. Who'll you know everybody's like oh yeah. They used to be cool but now they sold all these records. Knee suck you know. That's the sentiment that overrides everything. I remember it even going to high school in junior high school. People saying that of bands that you know. Bon jovi was a good example that everybody loved jogi and the budget are really huge. Like yeah luck these guys you know. Get rid of you know. That's it's time for them to get carlisle and it's number. Is there obviously fantastic. Still and works fulltime..

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