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More tech companies are getting into the housing market the chance sucker Berg initiative. The San Francisco foundation Facebook Genentech and. Others are backing a fund that intends to build or preserve more than eight thousand homes in the bay area in the next five to ten years the half a billion dollar fund is expected to pay for projects in San Francisco Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, contra Costa, counties, that's five of the nine counties in the bay area. And this is for residents making up to one hundred fifty percent of the local median income. It is the latest attempt to do something about the affordable housing shortage. And in the city of Richmond tonight. That's city agrees to pay nearly six hundred sixty thousand dollars in the settlement with nine elderly and disabled public housing tenants over sub living conditions at the hacienda housing complex. The tenants say that their homes were overrun with roaches, mice squatters, roof leaks and mold the head of the Richmond housing authority admitted that hacienda was uninhabitable. Millions of dollars for road and transit improvements will soon be available in Santa Clara county. Thanks to a court victory. KCBS is my call explains. The California Supreme Court tossed a suit filed by Saratoga woman seeking the block and a half cent sales tax measure passed by voters in two thousand sixteen from going into effect. Call were Dino CEO of the Silicon Valley leadership group led the fight for measure B. We can now move forward with six point four billion dollars in traffic relief transit alternatives and road repairs throughout Santa Clara county, six point four billion includes one and a half billion. For the Bart extension to downtown, San Jose and Santa Clara nine hundred and fourteen million for improvements on the train commuter rail line seven hundred and fifty million for improvements on our counter expressways for Dino's that is truly a day for celebration. We're ready to pop champagne to replace the real pain that one point nine million Santa Clara county residents endure on their commute every day. One two billion. We'll also go it awards filling potholes the Silicon Valley bureau by Colgan KCBS. Local governments and state air districts are working to reduce single occupancy vehicles on the peninsula KCBS is Margie. Schaefer tells us about an incentive announced that Genentech in south San.

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