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On the radio dot com rewind that you could get caught up in anything you might have missed over the last twenty four hours but we were discussing what else the NFL draft it is great to be able to talk about the important alive specific sport MPO sporting event and you know you could just watch it react to it was fun to watch it was a welcome distraction and we could get into as we have the specifics of the broadcast and you know the different feel that it had but I just you know on Thursday air member being up pumped up about it obviously I mean we've all been pumped up about it waiting for it for quite some time and it's appointment television you flip it on even though they feel was a little weird with not having the live audience are you trying to get acclimated for watching it for you know watching the dell in his basement and the other people inside their homes it still wants a guy going I stop thinking about how different it was and I stop thinking about you know the the virtual draft I stop thinking about that sort of thing about the actual picks what players would be in taking over gonna see any trades what what's going to happen next who's going where that's what we needed that's the distraction is where they provide you an escape from the unfortunate reality that we've been in here over the last month or so thank intended to be and so it was great from that aspect of it no as far as the excitement of the draft itself look I love when teams build the right way inside out so I'm a big fan of taking the tackles and building with the you know the offense of line obviously defensive players well we know I'm for that is but in this draft you had the you know they all run on the the tackles early on in the draft so it's maybe not as sexy as you would have liked what the skill position players I get that that's what it's all about the quarterbacks wide receivers and running backs everybody loves the skill position players you had to look you had borough obviously go number one no surprise there but one chalk early on and that was the one thing I thought that maybe that's because of the the impact that the you know the the the again the current state that we're in here they had on the drive maybe because of the set ups because of the virtual draft maybe they were a little less trades were less significant trade because of what I thought you would see some war trades in particular in the top five picks of the top four for that matter and you didn't get any of that it went chalk with borrow and young okay to giants making a solid pick with Angie Thomas I like that big he's a guy who who early on the more proven this a month ago it was guy was gonna be a tough tackle and then after the combine he kind of dropped a little bit anyway the giants they commit for two that's exciting for the dolphins getting their guy we don't have a move they get their quarterback Herbert goes after him and so on but it was kind of I don't know kind of old standard drab no excitement no real movement throughout the course of that first round until of course you get to the Packers choice that was the first one we sort of thing what or what's happening here Akers trade off not only to take a quarterback who in their words only fell to us so they traded up to get a quarterback with Jordan love from Utah state now just doesn't make any sense Green Bay Packers yeah Vera Rogers you won thirteen games a year ago you try to win the Superbowl and you take it in Jordan love you take your trading up to take a quarterback in the first round and he followed up by taking a running back in the second row just mind bog we talk about building the right way inside out well they really have a quarterback to take a back up quarterback they don't need a running back they take a running back what exactly they're doing to get better this year I'd like to know for the Packers what are they doing it better this year but anyway outside of that in the first round it was it was pretty much you know went to one chalk in you know what kind of battle was a boring but a lack of really thrilled with all the linemen being taken in the tropics but still I mean it's a must watch event you know about the record views of who was at fifteen point six million viewers so obviously a much needed event taking place now as far as the actual coverage wasn't in love with you know trade wing go I think you need to stick to being an anchor as opposed to inflicting his personality he's not a comedian just stick to that we don't need to we don't need to be comedian and then always the references when this becomes a big deal on social media look it will look at the house the coaches in look at the set up who cares about the set up do you really care about Kliff Kingsbury's mansion I mean we know their rates we don't have a great backyard agree pulling great lawn well yeah it'll Bruce Arians Chillin in Tampa I don't care the Mike Zimmer in the dear that he's killed hang on a wall but I don't care I care about the pig secure about the players occur about where the team is making their selection them into what what players to be picked doesn't do it for me entry window for some reason was cracking himself up about it and everybody else on social media look at you know Mike Rabal what's going on in the background really don't care it's foolish to me it's silly that's were making a big deal about look at the guys dressed up in well come on please between that and them constantly showing us highlights of the players were being drafted to the NFL showing highlights of basketball which I mean I don't care if the guy could dunk or dribble a ball I mean he's getting there what is this is the NFL draft isn't it I think it's all more basketball highlights during the NFL draft that I've seen the old sports center in the last ten years it's bad it's not basketball I don't I don't care if you don't not concerned with that I care about what he could do football wise but outside of that it was fun just to have the draft on it have something to watch and be able to react to so we mention the Packers being you know one of the big stories with taking a quarterback trading up to get your love in the first round the other one is Jalen hurts and that's been the theme really that I the Packers with their selection and the eagles with their selection take taking Jaylen hurts in the second which is just stupid I mean I was stupid can you be how we rose we could sell it all you want to yeah there are a haven for quarterbacks in drafting and developing quarterbacks and they don't believe in back ups no no of course not you'll be above that the Philadelphia Eagles they don't need to back up there above that little even back up quarterbacks they wanted another quarterback they they of course I want to believe for four years now if they give up a ton of picks to build again they just signed to a four four year hundred twenty million dollar extension or whatever was we're gonna take a quarterback in the second round it's only the was handled their needs I mean we know they're loaded up they don't help a wide receiver anybody on defense of the opposite one they're good to go I want I think it's more important have a quarterback who you're probably gonna use like Taysom hill's used in New Orleans at least for the first couple years I mean what do you do with are you going to do what you want hurts what are you possibly going to do with the beyond course was in the event Wentz gets hurt that's that's how you gonna make this big that's are you to justify making the selection if you were that concerned about of having a second quarterback I don't want you to turn back up what do you just keep it full to go on the A. B. Peter Superbowl he wanted he wanted to see what I did if you love second quarterback so much what a stupid pair regardless of how they spend it they could so they're happy with it and they don't care they're comfortable with it it is a stupid pick Roseman Pederson stupid legal should be ashamed of themselves Packers too but even more so the eagles and you watch now other teams because everyone's a follower it's a copycat league other teams are gonna start doing this moving forward taking quarterbacks even though they have the stupid teams still trying to get cute and so you know what we need a quarterback Hey we need a quarterback in six seven I don't know maybe ten years from now let's take one here one thing if you do it over the Packers case what did you do it in the third or fourth round even the second round maybe for the Packers the first round you trade up again what an eagles you can't even justify them taking a quarterback it at all in the second row that's what it's come to now where teams are always only good enough to have one quarterback you need to try to get to what a horrible I don't care how good your hurt is by the way not only may you rub cars once the wrong way and by all accounts he seems okay with it what's gonna say right now I hate to pick what they doing what is this idiot organization doing but how do the jail hurts gonna feel about it do you think you want to go to a spa we knows it could be a starter you think you don't want to be a part time gadget play quarterback or play in the event of injury it doesn't work I can understand trying to think outside the box and not being a follower and fall victim to the same old model that has been taking place in a league for years where if you have a quarterback general you don't take another one it is certainly not the first couple rounds until you need what they need a quarterback you take whatever so again I want to fall into the same old pattern but there's a reason why sometimes things are the way that they are and why teams don't take a quarterback early in the draft if they already have quarterbacks you don't need to quarterbacks you can't have two quarterbacks it's a problem it's more harm than good if you have to could be starters on your team again you go like Casey mills bad enough we're taken through think about that for a second I know we provide the spark any at the moment and big plays that he brings a different element there drew Brees you taking drew Brees off the field is that smart you're taking drew Brees with the greatest quarterbacks of all time off the field is that really the best kid U. Abbas hood succeeding on that particular point but again not to take anything away from help with different dynamic it's worked to Payton and the saints have made it work well that that's not necessarily the model for Jalen hurts in the eagles it shouldn't be what scenario does this work out for the eagles how does this end hurts is gonna be but it's the only way to fall for an hour it's gonna be parked up for going to war under one and still use them initially this year and been minimal role I would think certain plays and what that's going to be the M. O. moving forward that's going to be his job now instead of being a starting quarterback in the league we're going to now all of a sudden transition into a league where you have two quarterbacks and every roster that could go in there and be versatile to me that's backwards thinking not the same thing but similar to where baseball's got away from having the starter actually pitch deeper into games right the whole idea behind a starter going eight or nine innings many years ago was because he was the best pitcher or bowl pending maybe bill pending is that an example the starter is usually the best pitcher so you want to start the game goes deep into the game as he possibly can you don't go over the bullpen first because usually those guys are your worst pitchers that's why you don't put them in the game to begin you start the game with your best pitcher you haven't go as far as he possibly can and so you have to go to the next best pitcher that you have available and somehow we got away from that what they get all you know what why do that when you just have I don't know the guy was supposed to come in the eighth inning Evans wrote the first thing now instead of having a quarterback who should be able to take every play of every game take every snap of every game if he's that good now you can have go from okay well let's get him the guy was our best quarterback get him off the field so we can get a lesser quarterback on the field for some gadget plays or trickery and.

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