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Pancreatic insufficiency or epi, Use the symptom checker and identify EPA com Start finding answers alongside Joe Micheletti. I'm John Dollars Game two of the Stanley Cup final from Amalie Arena in Tampa. No score between the Montreal Canadians and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Montreal's already had a few better chances than they had in game number one to Foley. Was able to get in close. He couldn't score. That's a lefty with a big say Suzuki had a breakaway He couldn't score. Here's another chance. Josh Anderson goes wide on right wing and other bad angle shot, but this one is blocked by Ron Rudin. I got to get the Tampa Bay defense credit. They block a lot of shots. A lightning have had a power play here. In the early going. They did not get a shot on goal during Power play. Anderson has it again at center for the hats and puts it up on the shelf behind the net. Using the gloves to take it off was Vasilevskiy that starts a breakout. Johnson's past flutters into the Montreal zone and Price 20 ft out of his net to play it, But he turns it over to stand post who comes in and that was disrupted by Sharrock good defensive play by Chara, but a penalty coming up to Montreal. Price got caught out of his neck. You don't see Carey price out of his net that far very often, And now the play is whistled down Ben Sharrock, maybe with a penalty that he had to take or what is this entourage doesn't look like it. It looks like it. Uh, it's called by are called Byron ends up with the penalty. But you're right with Harry Price. He came out of the left side of his neck. And he was it was about Inside the circle, and he was put it was put under pressure. Half of a anticipated where he was going to go with the puck and when he dumped it off to the side boards. Steven Stamkos was there right away to intercept it, And now he's walking into the front carry prices trying to scramble back to his net bench. Theron, who had been in the corner has to scramble back and made a real good play. To disrupt that shot, but it led to a penalty. This is what the Canadians before the series said they couldn't do. They are not staying out of the box head in the middle of the ice gives it to trump One timer from the right circle pop straight up in the air off the pads of Carey Price recovered by the Lightning and Hedman again gives it to coach dropping the right ring. He moved it into the middle brain point. Quickly fired and wide. Stamkos recovers to Hedman. All the way to the top of the circles. He lets it go, and that missed the mark. Future off seals the right while to keep it in where they worked lower and lower in the zone. Every time you try shot is blocked, and a sweep of the puck gets it to center ice by our jury looking and good play by likening. It allows Montreal to get penalty killing changes. And I liken it steals the puck at the line from Kucherov, but running out of his net to play it was Vasilevskiy, but you can see what happens. When Tampa Bay is able to set up a play in the offensive zone. They force Montreal to back off and then they go to work, and they had a couple of really good chances to get one pass Carey Price and couldn't now maroon joins this power Play unit in place of Killorn is that net front presence as it's brought in on the right side By Sergey Chow. He feathers it back and working. The right holds its put. Your off, who tried tried to hook it back to circuit said that was sniffed out good job by Merrill who broke it up. The room, gets it back behind the head and find Stamkos on the left wars. Circuits have now out high looks off. A defender now does give it to trump. Never a bad idea. He gives it back to him, and the coupes are off wires. One timer that one hit Carey Price and the Mask and I think the buckle on the back of his mass pop because he was pointing at his mask. Referee. He did get his attention blows the play. I'm wonder if that didn't happen before I thought the saving made on who draw their He got it with the left pad. It looked like to me but again, just Tampa Bay Power play. They've had. They've been able to set things up. And and get some get some scoring chances, but Carey Price with a couple of big saves. So now we have a chance to take a look at. He didn't make it. The initial say the puck actually deflected up into his mask, and that's where he had the issue. Good job by the referee to blow down all the whistle and The play dead hit him right in the mind joke off the face off the Canadians Control and Shea Weber has everyone ducking on both benches. As he wires that 100 Mile an hour slap shot by them both and all the way down writing use the middle of the ice to try to gain the zone. But again, the puck comes to Weber. His clear, though, doesn't get out. Maroon kept it in. And now it's a lot on the left boards in the dying seconds of the power play back to the line circuit check gives it to Tyler Johnson right circle his shot blocked as the penalty expires. Byron is out of the box. He elected and come up ice with Paul Byron Reaching forward on the left side caught my back checking Tyler Johnson and the Lightning again possess cleared to center where Petrie handles it. So Montreal survives two early penalties there, two for two on the kill, and they didn't shut out Tampa Bay from a shop perspective that time, however, as price had to make a couple of segues to Foley can't take a stretch pass about lying and our turn at the defenseman storms.

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