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I was I was like, oh, man. I never got that an I love comp Cosmo's. He's one of my favorites. So. Now, got to get that. How many Cosmo's? Yeah, it's like three or four now right? Oh, masterpiece the re I think, but yet if you count like the little guys and all that stuff got us most. This is so weird that you can go for years and not anything cosmos, because it cancelled the line. And now, now, we're basically just drowning in a sea of cosmos, asus, I hope to somebody takes their masterpiece cosmos retailers described. That would be great that would. My favorite part of US. Compu- tron. Yeah. I'm tempted to get the, the blue retailer that was Pathfinder the, the max, the new age version, they'd be that new h okay? And I and I think they're also doing it in big version of that one as well. I'm really hoping that fans toys does cosmos, eventually, I think it's got to be on their shortlist. They'll get to it. Yeah. Yeah. I also got some more ocean design transformers stickers. But I leave the believe these are the water slide ones because I wanted to try my hands at what her slides. And then some of these, if I'm correct are like old school, except the con- logo 's, so I'm excited about those two because I haven't had any of these style deceptive conlow goes. So what our slide is that like where you have to apply water? Here's something to make to. Or something hind of. Yeah. I think I think, basically what you do is you cut it out, you soak it in water, and then you put it on the thing. And then you use like a, you can use like a, a cotton, swab and wet that and kinda get it to stick to this cotton swab, and then you put it on the figure, you can move it around to where he was on it. And you can just disappointing. Great. It does not break does wind up looking like a Tampa or something. Yes. Yeah. It looks very natural. I put to get used to put together model kits that have had these on them. And yeah, they look very good and very natural assuming they do not break in the process of application, which they probably probably will good thing. That's a big sheet because you got a lot of tries. Got the as you get the hang of it, it will. I'm sure it will get easier for you. But yeah, those things were the bane of my like eight year old existence and other small stickers to I imagine. They have less of a chance of breaking from intended, handling than, like, you know, pin striping or something. Yeah. And like the have you ever seen how big the old AMT enterprise model is Chris actually? I own one. Yeah. And putting putting the all the various, you know things on from that, that I never got. Right. Chris, I've got a question is what dot cast is talking about a much, much more basic version of what they did to get the for patterns on masterpiece, Optimus primal, that was in the foles involve water? Yes. Okay. So it's, it's not. Okay. I remember run through the process and a very quick, basic way for the transfer process for the masterpieces with texture and stuff. They would print a sheet on what essentially plastic, they would lay that on a tank of water. And then there's a solution, they spray on top of it, which makes the plastic part dissolve away, leaving the printed image floating on the water and they run the part through that in a specific way to make the pattern adhere to plastic. So it's really not even it's just in that they both use water. Yes. So in that in that case. Any of the Dinu bots are whatever whoever none of them are exactly the same when it comes to where the pattern ensure Dino bought had that process done, but definitely think for primal for texture. I think Dino bots stripes probably could have been done with normal payment. But yeah for primal. Maybe cheaters spots. I'm not sure about that, either though. It's interesting. I'm amazed cool. What else I guess I got the metallic master square Optimus prime. No nice. Magic. Maybe. Yeah. I think masters Mike magic square. No. Magic's where he did. He didn't like the finish on it. I didn't like the finish on the original. Gotcha. The metallic ones. So. Right. Okay. Okay. Glad I'm glad you got when you like. No. That's a really good run. Yeah. And you know what I think about I keep going back and forth. But I'm really considering cancel in N P forty four I would bet is don't between between having the first Mattis wear having picked up the transmit transform element Optimus as well. Because they both do things I like, and I really just don't see in need to get in forty four when there's cheaper nicer versions out there or at least equivalent versions, anyway, but die-cast won't YouTube revenue more than cover the cost of the. Yeah. Yeah. Oh man. Put it this way. I makes a little on that they don't even send me a tax form at the end of the year. They don't even send you a check at the end of the year now. Yeah. There there's a I, I know what the payment threshold is. Yeah. That, that I north payments refers to believe me, because I don't take a while and the tax threshold yet higher than that. So even worse than you check. They probably send be a form for a while. Oh, yeah. I mean even at my even at my level, I think I've gotten tax documents from them. But yeah, I've never got axed documents. I've never gotten the facts document from from YouTube. Yeah. We don't we don't do enough views with ads actually may even have ads turned off, right. It's all fancy. Vibrant frightening community. You know, I I've got operation players. Yes. Apparently so. Yeah, because I I've met quite a few, but, and I, I've got an inch that works for me. That's all I can say. That's all you can really ask for it is. And then the last thing I got here iron factory to pack of whoever and whoever K on Voss. Yeah, they're gonna make a big Tarn. So that'll be that'd be pretty cool. And it comes with the, it looks like the chess section of the huge Tarn, which is just a picture of it on the back of the box. So at least you're getting some part statue build this combining now that we have three. So is, is he'll micro master combined or there might be like a frame that the other figures are sort of fitting around. Maybe. Yeah, you're pretty much have to be. To make a you know, well, proportioned legends combined without some fill in party. I mean it's it's iron factory dawn. You have the Brutus where there's basically a brutal bus that, you know, the other five combat the actual. Haven't assembled him yet. Of course, you'd have I'm behind. I'm not even surprised by that, too. I'm behind on some stuff, too. I got superior on still sitting there with one leg. Just laid to stand on one leg to stand on what you need to do is go outside and find a stick. Take lake superior on are trying to I'm trying to remember the superior on rap from the commercial. And for whatever reason, it's just not coming to me is it's not as good one. Yes. That was gonna be my question. Yeah truth. Okay. Anything else cast that was it this week, I almost I thought I was going to have anything. But then I did get a box of tau today. So anybody have anything before we jump to Chris any else? Chris, Chris, if he has the big item for this week. At Christie's last, Don got a couple of minor things. Don get something. Not you. Glad you go ahead. Rob. Okay. Well, I got one really nice thing met sent me final fantasy city NT for the PS four for my birthday and thank him that I actually got a chance to play at last night, too. That's a lot of fun. So the twenty first set right? Twenty third twenty third, okay. Yeah. Donges after years don's tweet. I yeah. Okay. Yeah. And I also did get a ravaging laser Beka seed-ravaged laser beak off of Amazon and laser beak is very nice. It's just another one of those again, just that there's little part of my brain that bothers that cyber Trone laser beak did not have like head did not have the earth mode wings at had very round wings. So it's got like the visor face in earth, wings. And just, you know, it, there's a lot of almost in siege in that kind of way that just kind of tick bad hard, my brain. I'm glad someone else noticed that. To actually like that blend of aesthetics fair enough. I mean, I it's definitely the better one of the two at lake the figure I just I around wings too just just to be stubborn about it. And you know. The probably shame ways kid or something, you can fit over the over the edge of the wing stuff. What is talk me would not shock the ravages, you know, the third or fourth a failed attempt to grow to combine cats with geometry. If this just happened. It's the best one, I think of, of the modern ravages, I've gotten or modern ravaging type gotten universe ravage that came with hound now that you mention it. Yeah. So it's the best one in say, yes, the guest wanted to say ten years. Yeah, but, you know, it's definitely better than the fall, cyber Tron disk ravaged, it's definitely better than the than the titans or turn phone ravage so that, you know, that's damning with faint praise. But it is all. It's killing those discs were terrible. Is that you in ravage still the best, ravage? Well, no. Because the universe one is three dimensional. I read like the masterpiece one. I don't remember. I don't remember like masterpiece when so much I like that. I like the flat cassette animals. I kinda dig that. Yeah. But yeah I'm not crazy about the universe one. It's okay. It's not one, but this is my favorite, ravage toy in the last ten years or so. Well. Ravaging that revenues payer was one of the best hands. So I mean was. But it's a, it's a good web kitty for Stratus in the chat pound in saying nine Jaguars highs at the base metals. Oh, yeah. I, I thought he's talking about the ocular Maxwell, Mike. I'm not crazy about it. Yeah, ocular Ma. I mean the medals ravages the best. But that's I think that's everything. I've got this week. So Don, a all right. First off, thank Matt. I did not deserve a birthday gift from him because of the voltron crap. He's been more. And I really I do I do really feel bad because I just kept forgetting it for the longest time we were like, I know I know but I wanna thank me early birthday gift, which I was not expecting. I sincerely appreciate he got me the best looking starship in the fleet as we all know that is the enterprise seat with, with. It's also a hate gift because he bought you a model kit. It's a little to this will be. I still have not a simple my show or so this'll be good task to get me. Slowly back into swords will be easier to put the other than that AMT kit. It's try life far. Oas is level to just snap together. Oh, maybe won't be that bad. I was afraid. You're. All right. Okay. And also, I shouldn't have bought this is off topic. But I've been looking for this for years, this off topic to although the. It was tangibly related because of man, but this is also tangibly related to Matt, because the shirt he's wearing green. Yes, green green lantern. Yes, I took took a little bit of sales money from my Twitter sales, and I got the one last figure from the old DC direct will inch line that I never got Alan Scott, golden age, Greenland or nice neat. He he came out at the tail end of the line, and Germaine, acne has, like one and I and I missed him and I have not seen one full list over one hundred fifty bucks. I got this for ninety ships hate on make sure to keep it away from would. So other than there really hasn't been any showing up. I did. I did see see galaxy upward Optimus last week for last. But again, it's bringing the register can't sale till the twenty till the twin whatever of July of and other than that people apparently Meyer is still getting the boat. Bumblebee movie Optimus, but all this left a scrap metal by the time I find him. So there's really the only thing locally is my WalMart got a restock of the forty nine seventy seven Optimus in that skits. So we have a conversation on the Chad who'd win in the fight between. Tryptophan Metroplex, voltron, voltron voltron can take all the transformers put together voltron literally magic super robot win. Yeah. He's a super fighting robot. Yes. No, he's not mega man. He's voltron. Okay. So. Matt. Would you get picked up myself a couple of the model kits while I was getting dawn's present? I also I also got an enterprise e nice. Destroy it. I actually taunted on Twitter today when he think me for that. I told him he's lucky they didn't have three Romulo Warburg with..

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