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Ended up paying his E calculated it less than 7 cents per terrible, terrible movie. All right, this is exciting, 'cause, you know, you like drama. He's a dramatic. Here we go. If you get this right, you win. Here we go. All is not sunshine and light in Queens. Queens resident liliana cue lo was sentenced to two years in prison, just recently. After she was convicted of what crime, a, walking into a Walgreens and drinking 27 5 hour energy drinks without paying for them. Be impersonating a doctor and performing a horribly failed butt lift procedure or C trying to escape queens by hang gliding off the top of the queensboro bridge. Oh my goodness. Terrible. Let me put it to you this way peaches. Answer be involves a butt lift surgery gone wrong. Has a butt lift surgery ever gone right? That's true. That's true. Okay, I'll say B you're gonna say B? I'll see you. You are right. Pretending to be a doctor and promised her patient a miraculously firm dairy air for only $2000. When the first injections did not work, she tried to fix it. This is true with crazy glue. Oh my God. I ended up going to jail. Bill, how do peaches do on our quiz? Bitches, you're a winner in our bug. We love having a thank you. He just grace. Thank you so much for being here. When we come back, a legendary

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