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My wife to watch their share a would and i we were writing about that problem of girls drop having to drop out of school in china because their parents because their parents to one invested daughters education we i chose is the poster tile this phenomena is incredibly brilliant girl in who they province italian now attends die nineteen you and she was it right this kid is go ahead drop out it's great one of thirteen dollars we wrote an article about it called a drop in the pocket totally dropping rockets and because we ran her picture three com spots frente to the new york times everybody wanted help where we were then to lose with it i just nineteen ninety so it wasn't you have wasn't emails but it was with may all in and and checks for thirteen dollars metres readers are incredibly generous yeah thirteen dollar commenced but i am i'm it's there's nothing we also got a wire transfer of one reader in new york for ten thousand dollars in which it all this money down to the schoolwork had to deal were a bye that many would be used to keep girls in school in this one little village so that if they can make a great they could be wouldn't have to pay school threes could stay and as long as they could make it and then called of the down early ten thousand dollars and told him that he had this transforma did impact and he he said at ten thousand dollars i only send a hundred dollars it turns out that the bank had made a it had little trouble with a definite point it you know i just deliver this monday night in net i call that i called of the bank it's an bucks a month in as well they were they were gonna helpful because i just i was very blind eye laid out the problem mike slated make this mistake there probably gonna corrected and a month into the quarter and i let's look that i ways so we're not a follow up article and each yeah he's pretty amazing they said you know what on the record yeah we won't ass with at nine hundred and nine thousand hundred dollars that will make it again and while nine yeah.

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