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Killed the chef Thirty-four-year-old FU five pun critically injured the owner and the manager panicked patrons ran and took shelter. Nearby restaurants and locked the doors. Police eventually ran down the suspect a few blocks away. So what sparked this murderous rampage, perhaps a psychiatric evaluation will yield dancers and sheep's said bay, Sean Adams WCBS NewsRadio eight hundred. Democratic Senator Kirsten gillibrand as announced on the late show with Stephen Colbert going to run for president United States because as a young mom, I'm gonna fight for other people's kids as hard as I would fight for my own which is why I believe that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege after the show. Gillibrand tweeted that she believes in right versus wrong and that wrong wins when we do nothing. Now is that we're time to raise our voices and get off the sidelines, unquote. There are ten priests with ties to New Jersey whose names appear in the list of Jesuits accused of sex abuse. Here's Marla diamond nine of the ten priests from New Jersey on the list for years at Saint Peter's prep, Saint Peter's university or in Saint Peter's parish and Jersey City several more priests were affiliated with prominent schools in New York Xavier Regis, Brooklyn prep, and Fordham prep. Some of the allegations date back to the nineteen fifties. It's a small. Step in the right direction. Mitchell Garabedian who has represented hundreds of victims of pre sex abuse says he has no reason at all to believe the list is complete. We just don't know what criteria. The Catholic church uses the Jesuits used in. It. People are victims are highly skeptical because of their long cover-ups most of the archdiocese in New Jersey have promised to release their own lists soon and New York and New Jersey's attorneys general set up a task force last year, urging victims to come forward Marla diamond WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty.

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