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For today but we'll do it again tomorrow morning don't have a line open it's completely full but I will give you the number so that when we get there it going to go in this part of the state Florida league city Eddie pretty gardens John Crosby blizzard bear creek John yeah little bit John you probably have to be in the next segment we're gonna take as many of those calls we cannot tell the break time I have a couple of messages for you before we get thoroughly involved in this right one of mass do we got a we posted some on Facebook wow did you get a ton of response every time you do bring up I do bring up like natural products and you tell people it's organic it's interesting to see some of the **** for tat on there but all the follow up questions cedar repel insect repellent it keeps the insects from the area cedar repel from nature's creation I'll give you a list of places you can pick up these C. to repel products they have the granular you can put down on the perimeter all right they have the liquid being put in like beds around plants and on surfaces cedar repel insect granules C. to repel insect repellent liquid that's kind you just click on the in the house and go to sprain things you'll have to mix it many covers about four thousand square feet the liquid granular is you just do you put it out everywhere especially on perimeter put it on the perimeter of the fence line that's the best thing to do if you put it out in the grass I hope you don't have that kind of flea problem you have to put in the grass because you don't want a big thick layer of that down on the grass but it will last for a long time out in the landscape even after rain or to write them that you're gonna love the scent cedar oil zero smell smells great you can pick it up at Wabash feed Gold Coast equine down there and friends what are C. W. nursery we talked about earlier today sweet organic solutions by the way sweet organic solutions impairment the newest place to carry.

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