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Conservatives opposing the bill due to concerns about spending increases and the skyrocketing deficit Karen Travers ABC news the White House now the latest traffic and weather together still report of a disabled vehicle Columbia parkway Worcester pike US fifty west of delta Avenue otherwise not seen any new accidents or delays being reported but several road construction projects going on overnight most of them until six o'clock this morning ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. dropping down to the seventies and sixties by the time you get the Saturday morning and then on throughout the day we'll see some mid to upper eighties eighty seven degrees for Cincinnati biggest shape the rain though will be towards the middle of next week so this weekend we're actually looking really cut from your severe weather station nine first warning forecaster raven Richard newsradio seven hundred WLW radar showing a clear sky right now our temperature is sixty nine degrees appearing in court for arraignment Friday Kentucky man accused of assaulting a protester outside U. S. bank arena where president trump held a rally Thursday night entered a not guilty plea as he is charged with misdemeanor assault twenty nine year old Dallas Frazier says he wasn't in town for the rally but is seen in a cell phone video getting out of the passenger side of a pick up truck and punching the protesters several times that protester who was a sixty one year old man suffered facial injuries and broken glasses Frasier's bombs at a ten thousand dollars and was ordered to have no contact with the victim today Kentucky politics will take center stage in grace county with the one hundred thirty ninth annual fancy farm picnic on the grounds of St Jerome Catholic Church in the town of fancy farm governor Matt Bevin is state Attorney General into Bashir bitter political rivals who are facing off in the gubernatorial.

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