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G LBJ could also find it at CBS sports radio. And we'll get back to this at the top of the hour. Are you enjoying the af? So far the alliance of American football. Seventy nine percent say yes. Twenty one percent saying so continue to get the votes in. And we'll make sure we tally all them before the conclusion of the shower, the cesspool of Twitter will tally them, and they'll tell me what the results are. And then I'll read them to you once again by the end of the show right now. Seventy nine percent say yes, they're enjoying the af so far after two games. Twenty one percent say no they are not. But a lot of positivity with the lines of American football. Anyway, before I watched the alliance of American football last night. I went out for dinner. With the family, and my old man wasn't too happy with the way at the restaurant. It was thirty minutes typical on a Saturday night. I think it was that bad. But there was an area in the restaurant where you could order at the counter, and it would be as if you were taking it to go, but you could go sit in those seats. I didn't want to do that. Because we're gonna talion restaurant. You do that. You don't get the bread basket. Which is such a big important clutch thing when you go get Italian meal, you gotta bread basket. So you don't get the complimentary breadbasket, and I was very thirsty. So if we would've sat in the cheap seats, you wouldn't have got the free high-quality H two O water refills. So I did put my foot down and said to the family we are not sitting in the cheap seats we need to go and get seated properly in a booth. So they said thirty minutes it ended up being a twenty five minute. Wait. We sit down have a nice salad to start as an appetizer. We get a little pizza for the table. And then I got a pesto pasta dish. Which was absolutely delicious. But when they brought out the pizza. And I was only going to have a slice of the pizza because as having the salad, and I was having the pasta dishes. Well, but I wanted to try the pizza the pizza was so hot that. I burn the roof of my mouth, which is never fun. When you have a really hot steaming Desch, and you take a quick bite out of it. And you burn your mouth. That's not fun, especially when you have to go host a radio show not that long after. But you know, me I'm as tough as they come on the radio, and I will fight through the pain. I thought I was tough. And then I got to Bill Walton who last night was calling a college basketball game with Dave pass on ESPN on the ESPN. And Dave passion Bill Walton got cupcakes. You'll be cupcake guy by the wedding of dessert for dinner. So now, I'm getting hungry. Yes. Okay. So you're a a big cupcake dot certainly makes sense usually any kind of any kind of cake like you put it any kind of cake in any form. I'm eating it. Okay. So that's your. That's what gets you happy in life. Care cake, icebox cake ice cream cake. Oh, I make the best icebox cake. I really do. I like icebox cake every every year for thanksgiving. We call it cookie cake, but I make it three or four days at advance. Let that sucker sitting in the fridge delicious. Maybe I'll make you a cookie cake icebox devils cake. Now, you're going to be hungry angel food cake really defeats the purpose of myself going to the gym yesterday. We're going to start eating cakes can name every kind of kick there is that you get the pound cake. No, I didn't pancake flavor pound cake. Those little rough have some cream and the powder as she could do that. Well, anyway, so they were celebrating someone's birthday. At ESPN and Bill Walton birthday celebrating when they were singing it. He goes, I want this guy's name again on national television. And they give Dave passion Bill Walton a cupcake, and Dave Pash makes a joke and says you got to eat the cake. With the candle in it. Bill walton? Takes burning the room for your mouth to a different level and takes a bite out of the cupcake with the candle that is lit. Now that is great television. And also very stupid. They Bill finished the game was fine. Yeah. He wasn't even he must Spitfire circus, and you had the guy that spits only blows a lot of smoke. You know what I'm saying possibly? Yeah. He's a dead head. So. Yeah. Bozo smoke. I got what your side my old ban, by the way. Back when Bob sag it was in college. At temple. My dad was a few years younger. Bob, saggy would go on a comedy tour. What they mutual friends of my dad, and they called the group like mixed nuts or something like that. And my dad would be the opening act. He would spit fire. Except one time when he spent the fire there's this bestest on the ceiling and the fire went right back into his face. And there's a video of it has told the story before it's it was quite comical now. My dad ended up being okay? So that's why it's funny. But maybe Bill Walton back in the day had a little experience with the eaten fire. So maybe that's why he's prepared for this situation. Bet Walton didn't even know what status in covering broadcasting the game. He's the nice guy. I'm not saying that he's just you know, he's out there. You might not even know where he is. You know, what time it is? It's very comical by the way when he does call basketball game. I will say that. Yeah. He rambles about incoherent things and they posted on the internet this guy. And and the thing that's and that's what they call. Good broadcast. It's entertaining guys. You didn't a cupcake with a candle in it last night. As got burned the roof of his mouth. It was it was unbelievable. By the way, since you're in such a peachy mood right now. Share what did you think of Tyler Moore yellow wearing a New England Patriots world championship at? Yeah. I don't I don't think I get getting more physically sick. You sound like Belichick there by second effort. Crumble, and then I'm wearing the same hat as well. We did not plan. This why? No, we didn't. Okay. I don't even have toddlers number. Look I talked to him when I leave here. That's fair. Jeez. I go. I'm a pompous radio host. You this is my hat. Honest.

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