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Michael borrow. This is a deal a today. After weeks of delay the trump administration has authorized a formal transfer of power to president. Elect joe by my colleague. Jim rooney on the unprecedented campaign of lawsuits lies and pressure from the president to try to prevent that from ever happening. It's tuesday november. twenty four. th. Jim the last time you and i talked was the morning. The saturday morning at the new york times called the presidential election several weeks ago. Do you remember. are you sure we spoke. Because i have no recollection of that. We absolutely spoke and it feels like four years ago but at that moment and they actually in that conversation our collective sense was that in the face of defeat president trump would be making the case that he in fact hadn't lost that he would not concede anytime soon that he would file a few lawsuits but that it really wasn't going to amount to all that much and they would probably feel like a nuisance campaign and in fact it's kind of become a pretty big deal. I've spent most of this year preparing to cover some semblance of something like this. If he lost. But i was not prepared. Nothing indicated to me. It was going to look like this. Data president trump remaining defiant and not conceding this race by all indications today. The president wants to keep fighting. We're gonna win pennsylvania but they're trying to cheat us out of it because they know it's their only path to victory the president's biggest battlegrounds the courtrooms in the states. That will decide. The presidential race has not lost. Do not concede. Mr president fight hard. And that's this incredibly intense effort that starts with some court cases in michigan republicans claim. They had evidence account should be stopped and then more cases in nevada republican lawyers claimed their observers weren't close enough in pennsylvania. Trump's lawyers claimed their observers. Were being blocked dan. You have this pressure campaign on not just politicians but election officials at the lowest levels of state government this.

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