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Turn to the ground before faking founders hand, he raised his right arm and made a fist some interpreters thought, but he was doing a black power salute. He said, no, that they had no intention of that. But this was a moment. I think it would've been so much to him that he impulsively raised his arm head full, filled his lifelong dream in doing so. He had become the first black man to win a Wimbledon singles title after the match ash still angry at Conner's. Lawsuits stepped out of character again and suggested that his opponent had choked that just drove Connors crazy when he heard that, Billie Jean King, no, she won Wimbledon and seventy five and by tradition, the two singles, winners dance, the first dance at the Wimbledon ball, Jimmy Connors. He said he'd come only if he could have the first dance meaning he could be treated like the winner. When You. he knew he couldn't be, he didn't show up. Two days after the Wimbledon final Ashra verdict to his usual sportsmanlike self. He described Connors as nice guy and the best tennis player in the world a few days after that Connors drop the suit against ask. And so I think it's probably a credit to Jimmy Connors that he did have enough common sense and decency to drop the suit. A lot was riding on the nineteen seventy five Wimbledon men's final, the clash of personalities, the right of players to represent themselves the right of governing bodies to determine who can play in what turn amounts, but Arthur Ashe raised his game accordingly. I think that he relies he was on the biggest stage in tennis, he felt he was representing the ATP and that Connors was a threat to them. He wanted to make a moral statement as well as win the tournament. For many years. It was considered the greatest upset in Wimbledon history. I think it's one of the great milestones in modern tennis. Arthur ash is still the only black Wimbledon men's singles champion. That's only games..

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