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He croup label for the all male proud voice, but the group identifies as what they call western chauvinist and say they quote, refused to apologize for creating the modern world. The several people were arrested after proud boys members clashed with anti-fascist protesters in Manhattan. In October on October twelfth they should stay following a speech by McInnis and a jury awarded more than three and a half million dollars to a former Catholic schoolteacher who said the archdiocese of Los Angeles fired her for being pregnant and unwed city news service reports jersey deliberated for less than a day before finding in favor of Courtney leg leggings, her lawsuit alleged wrongful, termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Lagan says she was seven months pregnant in twenty twelve when the church told her that her pregnancy would morally corrupt her students. Her contract was not renewed in a twenty thirteen. Taking a look at the markets this morning. Asian markets are mixed as traders wondered if the Chinese government could shore up its economy and currency as manufacturing slows yesterday here at home, a rally by retail and tack an internet lead major indexes higher Facebook. In General Motors, posted strong earnings boosting investor confidence amid rising interest rates the S and P five hundred gained more than one percent. The Dow edged up one percent, the NASDAQ jumped two percent. The Russell two thousand of smaller companies stocks rose point three percent, despite the push US stocks finished October with their worst monthly loss in seven years. And General Motors will attempt to cut costs by offering buyouts to about eighteen thousand white collar workers in North America. The company made the offer to salaried workers with twelve or more years of service. Now, the move came on the same day GM reported that two point five billion dollar third quarter profit the company says, although it's performing. Well at wants to continue to reduce costs while the company in the economy are strong and hundreds of Google, engineers and other employees are expected to walk off the job today. It's in protest of the company's lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct. The protest build walkout for real changes unfolding week. After a New York Times story it detailed allegations of sexual misconduct about creator, the creator of the Android software, Andy Rubin. The report said Rubin received a ninety million dollars severance package in two thousand fourteen even though Google concluded that the sexual misconduct allegations against him were credible. Ruben denies the.

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