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Tons of throws to Kyle Pitts. He had a huge game pits did. So we'll see. This jets defense doesn't scare me outside of Franklin Myers a whole lot, but it's a sound scheme. They know what they're doing defensively in terms of what their assignments are or now into week 6 of the season. So maybe the Jets have a better feel for what they're going to do out there. They did a pretty good job. The first time around against the Patriots, what do you feel about this tight end duo? Because I've talked about this a little bit this week. I think it's really important to talk about how Johnny Smith currently is being used in this patriots offense because to me, out of all the things wrong with the Patriots offense in the past and all these types of things that we've talked about with play calling and McDaniels and fork down decisions. One of the more head scratching things is the lack of Johnny smith's involvement in the passing game. This season so far, Johnny Smith has only run a pass route on 38% of the Patriots passing place. So essentially he is a glorified blocking tight end right now for New England. And that's not what they paid him $13 million in $30 million guaranteed to be. They thought this guy was going to come in and make plays in the passing game. Yeah, I mean, you know, to go to the extreme comparison, it's not quite this. They basically turned him into Dwayne out. Yeah, he's a better way now. I actually ran Allen right now. And I thought Dwayne Allen played an important role for this team. He was an excellent run blocker. He was a key part of that that run in 2018. He certainly was. But that's not what John Smith should be. Now, you can look at this in two ways. Is that just how they're going to use it? Remember, we talked about this when we signed him. And it's something I talk about all the time. It's one of my core beliefs in evaluating football, talent can only go so far, usage is a big part of it. If you ask a guy to do things he can't do or you don't have a player play to his strengths, he's not going to look his talents as he ultimately it is not going to look as talented as he ultimately as I call it, didn't kill Harry paradox. So is this their plan for John Smith? We've seen the misused players before. I don't think so. That would be such a monumental miss. I mean, it would be a miss on a like exponential level compared to what they've done. The other way I look at it is, will the offensive line sucked? The offensive line is sucked in I would agree with this one of the most I would agree with what you're about to say. If they were using Johnny Smith to block and passing situations more than they are. Last week against Dallas, Johnny Smith only had one rep as a pass blocker. So if you're saying, okay, they're just leaving him in their blocking with 6 instead of 5 guys, then I would understand where you're going with that, but they're not doing that. That frequently. Well, I think it applies to both, right? It's not like the offensive line has been great to see against the run either, especially the tackles. Sure. So it may be that, you know, they feel like they need to compensate for poor tackle play. And this is just the best way they can do it. Now, they kept the uncle Johnson on the roster. Nothing against Jakob Johnson..

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