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Support for this in pr podcast in the following message come from allman board of california did you know almond trees produce multiple crops allman holes and shells are used for livestock feed embedding ember colonel is the almond we eat grow would you know it allman sustainability dot org live from npr news in washington i'm shea stevens wildfires raging out of control in northern california have now claimed at least twenty three lives with no word of containment anytime soon nearly three hundred people are still reported missing in cinema county as kqed sonia hudson reports cinema county sheriff robert giordano says it's likely many of those who are still reported missing are in fact safe and just unable to contact friends and family cell phone service has been spotty people don't have their charges you know it's funny is certainly been cell phones is you've done your charge in as often goes to communicate jane we think a lot of it is that we've had some evidence of that from the people we've talked to donna also says an investigation team located many of these people by making phone calls not searching burn areas giordano is encouraging people who find their loved ones to call the sheriff's office so they can keep the missing persons list accurate friend pierre news i'm sony hats and in san francisco legislation to help states deal with losses due to hurricanes and wildfires will come before the us house of representatives on thursday speaker paul ryan says it's important to address the emergencies right away president trump is requested almost eight momose five billion dollars in loans to help puerto rico pay urgent pills that separate from any funding to deal with hurricane maria the president travelled to pennsylvania wednesday to promote his tax overhaul plan trump told a group of workers near harrisburg that the proposal is a win for america and middle class workers the president has this message for congress our grade congressmen congresswomen all of the people that were working with all i can say is.

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