Russia, Humanitarian Aid, Syria discussed on The John Batchelor Show


The fact that we have first full now a mechanism of coordination military coordination but the military carbonation that goes beyond the technical aspect the they also a has started significance that is a great us it the fact that despite the fact that the the israeli air force on the rush honor for fly over the same man very small part of air space we doubt the contradicting goals in some cases without any incidents that is due to the almost surgical called the nation that prime minister netanyahu ma'am initiate the with with russia now i think we can make use of that fact the you know the also to make to expand the strategic decisions even through a kind of influence on the outcome of the negotiations of the dots regarding the future of the play may at one cent there's a must add that they i'm extremely proud the represent the only country in the world the only country in the world that extends humanitarian aid to syrian citizens inside syria there are gone not many by the way that the extent the humanitarian aid to syrian refugees in spite of the fact that we are talking about the enemy citizens we as we talk young these rallies men men and women mm are extending clauses medicines the structural materials the syrian citizens.

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