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A police officer were wounded at a shooting and Knoxville, Tennessee. Students who weren't involved in the shooting have been released to their families. It's reportedly at Austin East Magnet High School again. That's Knoxville, Tennessee, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives officer. Ours are responding to help local law enforcement. Knoxville. Police say the investigation is ongoing and we will have updates as we get them. There's a curfew in Minneapolis tonight after yesterday's police killing of Dante right, it will be in effect from seven PM till six AM body camera footage of the shooting indicated the officer involved was attempting to deploy her Taser but instead accidentally fired her gun which killed right In the Derrick Shelvin trial in Minneapolis cardiologists Dr Jonathan Rich was asked what officers should have done once they realize George Floyd didn't have a pulse at that point. The immediate response with then beat and not only relieve him of the restraint. At that point Now you've got to start CPR. Rich said Floyd was restrained in a life threatening manner after he reviewed the tape of his arrest. The prosecution maintains that the knee of former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show Vin on Floyd's neck was the sole cause of death. Chicago Teachers union continues to bargain with Chicago public schools over the reopening of high schools. Mike Smith is the CTU member. If you look beyond just Kobe, some of the communities we serve you go to these places, there's not very much opportunity. Here the same thing from people. But then their reality doesn't reflect that CPS kindergarten through eighth grade students have already resumed in person learning, but the unions concerned about bringing high school students back because of the recent uptick in covert 19 infections. Don't you? TM Shawn Lewis has the response from CBS in a statement, CPS says in part productive discussions with CTU continue throughout the weekend, and we have a general alignment on a set of key topics, including safety protocols.

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