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Happening fellas how we are good. And it's an honor to have you on for those that don't know man you help break so many great art artists. You were bad boy. Records you know ditty. Cassie Ryan Leslie Danny. Cain YOUNG JOT corey guns. We could go on and on demand so great to have your but your big time sports fan. I see you got your opinions out there out there. Oh yes I'm very opinionated fellas. So what's your sports background? Where you an athlete you fan or what a played basketball at University of Buffalo. So you got grown. So that's deal woman we would. We would be one correct time independent. So yeah we would be one And obviously you know I just. I'm old man now. So it's it's been a while for me but I try to live vicariously through young folks and do my thing like that and I'm entranced in the music thing. And obviously you know the reality TV were riots. Cool and did you. Did you guys when when you were playing. You're plan games. I don't know how old you are to be honest. I'm taking a guess hold. Forty-four you're you're young man you play at all. Did you play at the Autumn Buffalo to Java? Have any big games there Well as you know independence you kind of do the travel thing so we play Colorado out in Colorado Iowa state in Iowa. We Played University of Miami Donna. Coral Gables Who LOVES TO PLAY THAT? Yeah we were on the road. We played Notre Dame in South Bend. So yeah we were moving around with more. Yeah you were more doing the independent travel thing off when you look at the we've been talking a lot about obviously to last stance and Michael Jordan and how a lot of people got a chance to you know maybe see a different side. Or maybe of seating context. What was the thing that stood out to you of of of those ten hours was there? One thing that maybe you didn't know D- You found out or maybe something that made you feel a good way or bad way about MJ. Would you get from this? Well I'M GONNA say this I. I watched it and a few things. Obviously I know everybody's talking about I'm a big featuring right so that her in I think I might even on twitter. Somebody said that Stockton could hold. Zeke Jack Like Ryan Fellas. Let's not do that. Let's not do that like the I will tell you differently. And then the seven years that Stockton had the league that we didn't have we'll tell you differently right. We agree with you but you're right. Most I don't know about most a lot of these media. People are putting stock than they put. Stockton ahead of Isaiah which I think is ridiculous but I feel like they feel like he was a better person right in. I think that's news in Stockton stats ridiculous. You know I mean so there. There's an argument there but I just like you said the tests. I was just much better. Anyone any beat Georgia want like anyone absolutely so that was one thing and then obviously I feel bad for pippen and people are saying that. Obviously the greatest robin ever and I hear all that argument but at the same time I don't show instead he do it again like it's hard. It's hard for me to feel sorry for you. I mean knowing how good you are in everything that you did. Probably as a three man. He was probably the six seven point. Three whatever however you want to call it but some of this stuff didn't into coaching and a one point eight second all of that stuff like that existed so as much as people angry with Jordan for for doing what he did in not showing tipping in the most positive light. I think that that those were big things. And you have to look at that right like you can't gloss over that. They had one. They happen like he's there was nothing ordinary that they've fabricated every single story the migraine. One point eight seconds. We all know try surgery they happened. They were big stories. You know it's not like they're drunk rush some. Oh yeah you know what I have forgotten about that? No everybody remembered all those things. So I'm with you on that you. What about the the goat debate? I understand you got a strong opinion on the goat debate. Who's your go and why Mike Number One okay? Bronco Fan and I can appreciate Lebron I can. I can appreciate somebody's six eight two hundred sixty pounds. What the coordination the ball handling vision of passing ability all of that. I can appreciate it but as it pertains to just super team thing. I can't get with it. I can't get we going to Miami as a lot of after weight already. Got One with a bad sack would broke down shacks way got one and then Lebron comes. That's way count. The broad went to join him and people sleep on the fact that Chris box was a beef Toronto Right. He was willing to best powerful words in a game at that point. So stop acting like like Lebron within the went back to Cleveland. Let's not let's not. Let's not underestimate what Tristan Thompson brought to that to that to that series? Let's not forget that. Kyrie put twenty seven and night in that series and let's not forget that Kevin levels a part of that team so I mean I understand what everybody's saying I understand. The blonde is just up on that and the people who didn't get a chance to see Mike they're looking at it like okay. Lebron is here hearing now. This is what we've been watching the last seventeen years. We don't even remember my your twenty to twenty five years. Old was eight years old when when Mike was gone. Own Lebron's starting. So you don't really get a chance to appreciate. Might not think that the last dance has opened up a lot of people's eyes to what he really was Chris Dollars. Note no doubt about it. No doubt it changed a lot. I think I've said this. Lebron got crushed by the documentary and we saw two. Espn poll even with the millennial younger bell that that is a win. That was I'm just saying about with what better that was the most crazy but overall yet at ESPN pull they bear they. Listen this is the new wave and I tell people just about music and everything we do in the here now. There will never be classic music the way we know. What like the dead biggies birthday today? That was one of the artists that obviously came. When I was a bad boy came a little bit before me while I was that bad where he was still a big deal. Bill will never be another big just like you'll never be another Mike. Things come and go so frequently nowadays enough because of the Internet in the wake of everything was microwaveable. You'll never have another classic record because people put too much. Content is king so as long. And you're putting out so much music you can't have a classic because you don't even give it time to register as a class. We could be time. Pre weeks realm. You got a new video on a new song up right with no doubt. That's the way basketball is now. That's the way everything is not. You need to ring. Because the sports cast crispell saw rob and everybody says oh the Ring Ring Ring. Everybody's trying to that room when the reality is there's reasons why Jordan six rings means so much and it's not because he got one it's not because he got six it's because of what he did and how he got them what he meant to those six rings so I imagine you definitely have you know not feeling and I know you'd like Lebron and he you know he's a great player but if you got an issue with him going to Miami I know you feeling K D's moved to Golden State absolutely and I'm a big. I'm a preface this by saying I'm a big Fan. You can't be denied but come on Bro. You went to the come on. You went to come on. You went to the Golden State to get your joints. Come on you just came back to. They just wiped you up. Come on like and I'm a Katie Fan and I'll say that again. I think he's a monster but yo- when you're chasing that ring to the point that you were leaving Russ behind you leave and you going to. Mike would never done that. What is never no never done that? That's definitely a different time and people are different and that is the disappointment. Sometimes you WANNA see somebody. Chris and I've said this about the of the great had he just stayed in Cleveland and he would have won there. We think he sold him saying short right. He would've won eventually there in time and it could have been great and he could have built his own thing. He didn't have to run the Miami. He just he he did he panicked. He didn't WanNa be quote Unquote Charles Barkley. And he was fearful that that's what he's GonNa wind up in rich great stuff man. We'll get you on again. You you know your stuff so this was good shake we've had over here in music and TV and all that who don't really know what they're talking about. I know I listen and I we will say no name but I ended and straight KNOB. I was pretty. We'll get you on.

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