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Slice. So stupid. What? This isn't real. It's so dove. This is what it's creating. This is what the Jake Paul thing is granted. Okay, yeah, so let's get yeah. So, you know, I've got to say, let's get horse shack, but they actually did a fight with workshop. You know? He said. Is that now? I know what he did one of those stupid celebrity boxing things too. You know? Dustin diamond, who's also dead now. So, I mean, it's like this is just garbage. Stop it. All right, there's a thread going on. Is Brock Lesnar the least skilled heavyweight division one champion in history. Yes. What do you think? Thoughts, Don. Yeah. I don't know. Are you talking about as a college wrestler or as a fighter? The threat is, okay, I saw the underground. He goes, Brock Lesnar. He's the only skill. He's super rewarded, and he win this fucking entitled power and fear. All the videos he's so far, people waiting to attack him. I'll keep looking. No, I mean, he was crazy skilled wrestling wives, right? He had striking was pretty bad. But I think he had the fortunato of coming into it when the heavyweight division was still pretty thin. You know? I mean, a lot of the really good heavy weights were aging out. There were very few new ones coming in. So we kind of had this great window of opportunity. And the only thing we learned was that he couldn't take a punch to the vase. Well, he'd be Randy couture, who was beat a lot of great guys. Yeah, but a lot of it was him just laying on them. He would pin him against the face. Randy actually outstruck. He actually landed a big one on Randy. And then he beat Frank Mir. Right, when he pinned him down and beat his face like a fucking, you know, made it look like hamburger. But again, a lot of it was just using his weight to pin guys down. I would say he didn't have a lot of great all around skill 'cause when he did get punched in the face. He folded like a fucking cheap table. Well, 'cause he didn't train with Don Frye. That would have fucking, you know, he could have trained with Don. He was there. He was at Arizona, and then marker kicked him out of the room. So dumb, so dumb..

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