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Back to the Bruins. Beat down the honest media. My name is Evan Miller. I hope you guys are having a fabulous week this week on Bruins beat. We are discussing Bruins exit interviews. Usually a very depressing time because usually it's we're doing exit interviews. Then we enter into a long summer of nothing now, we're entering into a fall of potentially nothing the season supposed to start November 17th, at least for training camp. It's a tentative start which is always a very bad sign when it says tentative because it's probably not going to be when it starts and there's most I think Gamers. September 1st, whatever it is. We really don't know what this offseason holds except for the fact. It's probably going to be pretty freaking crazy. And if he's exit interviews have showed you anything. It is that it is going to be freaking crazy. And so, Ryan from Boston Sports journal and I discussed all the eggs interviews, especially to recruit because I think he's done here. But but I've had a change of heart on Torey Krug residing in Boston. So you'll get a different perspective which I think you'll you'll you might come around to you might give me crap for it. You might say Evan you're insane, but I think it's something different and I think it's something you're going to have get used to because it's going to probably happen. I know we're just getting to some other team related things before we get into the conversation. The wait is finally over and not for the first B conversation. That'll be in a second. But football is back. You might not be at a game this year, but you can still be in on the action up that online but online is going the extra mile to make sure you can get in on everything imaginable this season from game spreads and totals to team player and coaching props that online gives you more options to wager than any place on line. Okay? They're the best in the biz Naz. You can get it on their season-opening bonuses today and start off wagering on when Division and Championship Futures by Jake you can pause this podcast and go do it right now head to.

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