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Been whilst have been locked into the nba with the next being as bad as they have been phnom but anyway so france seems to be on board with this what scott perry and like i said i think it's a good higher on the surface if you have the blinders on but then you realise that steve mills is going to be named president if not already named president and then you realize that jim dole install owning things annualized that allan houston isn't going anywhere and you realize that they had a chance to hire a more qualified candidate and david griffin who turned them down because he wouldn't have final say on things so now you getting a guy in scott perry whose eager to become a gm and had that title attached to his name and i'm not saying he's going to do a bad job but what i'm saying is not going to have total control so who is steve mills and you know steve mills is in control for the most part james dawn is going to have controls while it may be is not going to be to the extent is as it was in the past but i would think it's going to be more and i should say what's going be more is deemed to be more involved what steve mills running things as opposed to phil jackson running things is it fair to evaluate steve mills strictly based on his basketball moves i dunno i mean what i do know is he's been with the organisation for a very long time and while he has been with the organization in an executive role in whatever role it may have been gm you know acting president ove wherever for office roll he may have been involved in it hasn't been god it's been bad so if you're looking to rebuild team if you're looking to change the course of an organization change the direction of reorganisation and start to get back to your winning ways rebuild this thing from the ground up obviously we look in the.

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