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Westbound in the clear, same with 4 76 the blue route for 22 trouble free same of the route 30 bypass. And on the Northeast extension. We had some brief snow showers impacting travel right near the Quakertown interchange. That pocket of snow has moved a little farther east near the purpose E area heading toward Bedminster, but just heads out reports of icy conditions, especially on the bridges and overpasses. In New Jersey. Quiet on 42 to 95. The turnpike and 55 Mass Transit is trouble free for the P. J. Fitzpatrick homer from a 24 hour traffic center this month featuring 24 month. No interest, no payments. Nothing down. Trust PJ calm. I'm Justin Jobbik. Now the five day we're joined by NBC 11th Alert Meteorologist Bill Henley. Bill. Good morning. We're off to a very great start this morning. Our way. Yeah, this close. You're gonna hang in there for most the day it's dry in Philadelphia. 33 degrees right now feels like 25 with the wind of 10 Miles an hour. Mostly cloudy skies a few scattered light snow showers North and west. Dusting the streets. So be on the lookout for that, And there's a chance we'll see a few more of those as we go into the late morning and early afternoon hours, But the taxes will be climbing so it could be some raindrops mixing in for Philadelphia, mainly just cloudy. A flurry is possible, but fairly dry and breezy. Those winds out of the northwest during the day to 20 Miles an hour will make 40 to feel like it's in the middle thirties. Well clear out tonight. And that will set the stage for sunshine and warmer trend for the next few days. Tomorrow afternoon 52 after morning low of 35 bright sunshine for Friday. High of 56 degrees and even warmer this weekend, But the weekend we'll see clouds returning to the area most of cloudy skies on Saturday and a chance of some scattered showers Saturday night and Sunday morning. And possibly even a few scattered showers in the afternoon, But it doesn't look like it's going to amount to much on Sunday and I was still be mild Sunday high of 57 degrees and those winds will be picking up. We head into the workweek, bringing the cold air back on Monday, Carol All right, some crazy temperature swings there, Bill. Thank you. It's 806 living through the covert crisis. Well. Health officials in England this morning are advising anyone with a significant history of allergic reactions not to get the Fizer Corona virus vaccine and we're learning Maura about who suffered those adverse reactions to it. Just two people. To healthcare workers, who got the shot on the first day of the rollout yesterday suffered allergic reactions. These were healthcare workers who had symptoms after getting the shot. These people had a.

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