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Backwards Explosive Al Franken podcast debate preview with President. Trump and vice president biden. I'd like to go to this report about hundred Biden's computer files that seem to have been passed from the Russians to the president's attorney Rudy Giuliani. Oh. Can you believe that passing off garbage from the Russians to attack my son? It's unconscionable Mr President. You should be Shane this should be ashamed. You should be ashamed. Homeownership is. Al It's all from your Biden's laptop and it's not true. Yes, it is. Really. Not. That should ruiter repair shop six years ago in Kiev while in a drunken blackout and he never picked it up. That's his. That's his fault come on. Here's the deal folks. Here's the deal real deal. The fact is fact number one my son would never leave his laptop anywhere. That's not him by the way that was a gift from me Jill Children. I discussed this. Macro PC number two, Joe, sat a PC Hewlett Packard love that thing number three, an HP pro bowl four, fifty blaming. He would never leave that in a repair shop Wa to break it to you but he did he did an. Album caufield blackout. That's not true. He dropped off that HP for Fifty Donald Trump a great computer off at a computer repair store in Kiev in two thousand thirteen and he picked it up troop. Then when Rudy was in Kiev earlier this year doing his very necessary research on the Biden family corruption in Ukraine Rudy spilled some of his ass he spilled some of. His coffee on his HP for fifty pro book, the Great Computer Pure coincidence, and he took it into the same computer repair shop in a week. Later, total big mix up the old switcheroo rudy as hunters laptop and Rudy opens it up and he finds a treasure trove a treasure trove of information of proof proof that the Biden's are all secretly rich and have lots. Of money all of from China and they just pretend live like poor millionaires. It's all there in the New York. Post everything. He said was not true not true true. The part not true. This part was very worked out very very carefully. Words Joe so worked which reminds me Oh bin Laden's still alive. We took him out sleeping Joe Biden and seal team. Six. Hills ought to cover up that Osama bin. Laden is a leggy blonde living in the mountains of Idaho senator. Senator can I say something I would let you respond to put. WE'RE OUT OF TIME MR vice president. We agreed the cap this at ten minutes but I know everyone's looking forward to Thursday night for the main event filed debate of the two thousand twenty. A campaign just days before Americans go to the polls to choose our next president. You're insane member to vote. That was absolutely..

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