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It's just a wonderful thing now. The vaccine creates a limited immunity. Just against the wuhan spike protein. A member mentioned this product of bioterrorism the wgen spike protein. That's what patients are developing immunity to and it's a limited library immunity. That thought is about fifty. Antibodies are generated now. The concentration of antibodies are high but it's extremely limited the t cell immunity. What we're seeing in the data there. It may be ten percent of what someone gets the natural infection and we know the vaccinated immunity is not complete. Because we've already had thousands over ten thousand breakthrough cases because of the under reporting. You may be a hundred thousand breakthrough cases. So we know the vaccine. Immunity is in a sense. Faulty that patients can get the infection again. Then we also don't know if the vaccine earnings durable we know the antibodies trail down over time and if the cellular immunity a robust which it's not that i would infer that after two three four or five months a vaccine provides no benefit and our vaccine stakeholders. I think tend to agree because they're already talking about boosters you know. We started the program in december a lot of people vaccinated in january february march april. They're already talking about in the fall. A few months from now boosters. So the vaccine stakeholders don't think. The immunity is very durable at least for reading knows messages. But this idea of you know fully preventing a brand new respiratory infection of we. Don't do that. We do influenza vaccine. But the influenza vaccine don't forget is changed every year based on the mutation of a variety of of vaccine targets and we accept that the vaccine influenza vaccine is only partially effective. Maybe forty or fifty percent effective and the thing about all vaccines support understand. The vaccine is only to prevent the infection in the person getting the vaccine. So the reason why a healthcare worker for instance and it's a regulation that i received the hepatitis b vaccine. that's to protect me against a workplace injury. Let's the needlestick..

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