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Or eight hundred ninety five eleven twenty the next hour and a replay of an interview I had earlier with a psychotherapist and bestselling author Dr Patty Ashley we're gonna do that little after one o'clock couple more clips from the press conference from earlier today with president trump I played that one where he just torches CNN I don't get to play the one word Dr Fauci talks about the modeling and I think this one's important to try to understand because when we hear these specific models and all it's going to be terrible and all we could see two million people die this and that he brings the south he wanted to try to calm down you know simmer down now wanted to simmer down now some of the different people in the media that we're taking this incident sensationalizing it at the risk of offending my modeling colleagues models are good but models often generate the kind of anxious question that you asked is how bad could this possibly get and as I've said many many times a model is as good as the assumptions that you put into the model and very often many of these assumptions are based on the complexity of issues that aren't necessarily the same as Dr Burke said from one country to the other so when you give a model you have the worst extreme you have the best extreme often the worst extreme means that you don't do anything just as we say let it rip and let it go if you go to the low end that means you actually mitigated really to the utmost so what I like to do as a scientist the position of public health official is that not ignore models but say look at the data S. as it's evolving and do everything you possibly can to mitigate that instead of getting overly anxious about the extremes of the model again not to push them aside completely but the reason the president made the announcement today about going to the end of April is because we want to make sure that we don't prematurely thank we're doing so great we may be but we want to push it to the extreme so take that with you and maybe you'll be less anxious I like that I Celeste achter file G. there from the press conference earlier today I think that is one of the most important parts of the entire press conference where he says yeah what you're doing out there sensationalizing this not doing anyone any good how many times have you heard some times the fear of it may be worse than the virus itself and that's what they're trying to paddle and push it's good to point these things out so I'm I'm glad that he took it on his own to go out there because no one asked him about it they were talking about the models and he said oh hold on give me a minute here this is what he said Hey all these headlines all of these things that you're doing not helpful let's go to sue who's calling in from Florida welcomed overnight America I just wanted to let you know I'm still listening to you and were grounded here in Florida can't get back to Saint Louis for awhile but gov yeah right I had talked to you in November I guess that my daughter set me up with Alexa so I can lift him away right yeah so I'm enjoying your show and I also enjoy camel explain me baseball games man if your cardinals fan you can't get enough of something like that final round you know to have it on in the background even as something to break things alright here Mike Channon yeah it's a two step one but that like might as well look yeah now he's only on your Alexa device yeah yeah that's awesome what's the latest days it's beautiful it's so young you know we're all having to be so cautious now and and that the weather has been beautiful beautiful that's good to hear well you know yeah long as you do have nice weather a kind that counteracts some of this stuff but you guys always have nice weather got nothing to complain about right now well more just it is nice but you just can't so weird everything is shut down you you know you can't go to the beach can't go to the store some fortunately some of the restaurants have takeout service so yeah they'll try to make up for that sort of thing which makes sense aren't too good to hear from you thanks for calling yes you bet thanks bye yeah calling all the way from Florida listening on her smart device I just think that's great we have another hour overnight America coming up and I do want to take some of your calls if you do want to do that you can I got the text messaging up one person that texted and said legally blind may be a tip of the cap because apparently they're coming to the fox theater next year could be something like that gas who knows you know we want to do a patriotic song a night in we thought what better night to play little league green would god bless America so we're gonna be doing that now if you got a great patriotic song make sure to message me on my Facebook page Ryan Recker radio so you find it on there this is overnight America camel acts if two mom room on and I had to start just my children and.

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