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Of dolores huerta eased eighty seven years old that shows no sign of selling down and fill hooked organism that's what i want to be live do this as long as i have the health in the energy to do it to create more communities of power what she thinks is the most effective form of protest in these air of social media tomorrow on morning edition here i'm kpcc's it's members supported eighty nine point three kpcc unmik roman the president and the two top congressional democrats met at the white house last not talk about issues that include daca the deferred action for childhood arrivals program congresswoman nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer said there was no final deal but they also said the president agreed to support enshrining protections into law for young immigrants now protected under data you know the program lets young unauthorized immigrants who arrived in the us as children to live and work here legally trump administration announced last week of the phase out daca it said congress should decide how to resolve the status of those people who are under daca now president also tied any agreement on daca to border security that's a lot of stuff there and we have kpcc's immigration reporter leslie bernstein role has with us to par south what all this might mean for the daca recipients about two hundred twenty thousand of them live here in california k leslie what are you hearing from young emigrants about the give and take between the congressional democratic leaders and the trump administration well make there is a lot of scepticism i mean first doc recipients were well aware that even if trump did back legislation to put them on a path to have the legally live and work in the us permanently and asked go to congress and previous versions of this kind of legislation called the dream act have failed there are also concerned about who winds up winning and who would lose if some kind of deal is struck now not long after that meeting the.

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