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I didn't have a MAC or an ipad or another trusted device with me. How would I have gotten the two factor code? So I could actually log into my eye cloud account so I could use find my iphone. And you know, that sounds like a legitimate concern. Susan, I would understand why that would make you a little fearful of activating two factor authentication. But what I'll tell you is, don't let that stop you because apple has thought about this. There is a potential solution and I, I'll point you to a really good article. If you go on Apple's support website, they do have a great article on factor indication that covers everything. I would recommend reading through that entire article. I, I'll have linked to in the show notes, amac dot com. And they have a section on how it works that. Covers all of these scenarios. And so what apple does is, of course to us to factor in occasion, in case you don't know the idea behind it is when you're using two factor you have and this goes for all two factor authentication, not just cloud. The idea is you have to bits of information. You have a thing that you know, which is your passcode right that you don't share with anybody your password for logging into your count, and then you have something physical, like some sort of key. You know in your house, it would be the physical key. So you know the address your house and you have the key routes for two factor. Thana -cation you have your passcode which is in your head, the thing that you know your password for access in your count, but then you need something physical and the something physical in this case is a device in ipad, an iphone and apple watch a MAC, something that a code can be sent to. And then you can use that additional code that second factor kind of as a physical key. And so Susan. Sern here is like, what? If I don't have that physical key and I need to get into my cloud account because I've left my phone bind, what am I going to do? So the first thing that apple has done is said, okay, with two factor authentication, anything apple related that you have competed trusted to buy, so it doesn't have to be your iphone. It can be an ipad. You can be registered at trusted device on ipod, touch anything running s nine or later an apple watch. If you have especially a cellular apple, watch a series, three apple watch. That would be great. A MAC, any MAC running MAC, OS ten l. capi tan or later can be a trusted device. So the first thing I would do is make sure you register all of your stuff. Once you've been able to factor authentication as a as a trusted device, and then all of those devices will get that code when you're trying to log into your eye to cloud count. So that's one way to handle this. But you know, you had the scenario. I don't have an ipad, don't have any other. My other any of my other devices with me, I don't to even have my MAC with me. I'm using shared computer. What do I do in that situation? Oh, and I almost forgot to mention to this is just an aside the code that normally gets sent to your phone because another thing that people worry about when they have the trusted devices while I get a push notification from apple, it's a little thing pops up, hey, someone is trying to log in and it gives a geo location. And then you have to say yes, authorized that, so you can make sure you know that the request is coming from you or someone you trust, and then it pops up a code number six digit code number that you have to enter in. In addition to your password. Some people were, well, what happens if I'm not getting push notification or something goes wrong, you could actually generate a code directly from one of your trusted vices..

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