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You can't provide for them on your own now. Get this so you said I'm like a lunch bill of like three hundred three hundred bucks or something like that so this letter was sent to about forty families who were deemed to be the worst offenders in the overdue bills. Get guess what the cutoff number was for. It was a debt of over this dollar amount or more just guess what it was just say three hundred ten dollars ten dollars ten dollars so that means they were there was somebody who had like an eleven dollar bill and they had a letter sent to them saying if you don't pay eight US eleven dollar bill we're GONNA come. Take your kid I can. I can promise you one thing that dude would had the worst F._M.. Day of his life the next day like I know had so many angry parents. I'm not calling do I would be. I would kick the door open on his office. I gladly get myself arrested. Dude I gladly I would march in there and I would like you know I would. He'll kick that front door to door open his desk secretaries series like screaming walking in do that thing where I scrape all the stuff off the side of his desk and then just like turn it over yeah you ever threaten me in my children again. I will bury you. I will bury you. You and then I would just walk out and I just I cannot do. I it's not even my kids and enrages me. It just enrages me that this is this is the action that they would find acceptable to take and here's the funny thing. This is. What's amazing is that Todd Carmichael the CO founder and C._E._O.? Of philadelphia-based Lock Lock Cologne Luck Columbia Luck Olympic coffee offered to give Wyoming Valley West School district twenty the two thousand dollars to cover the bill and let the warning to the warning letter and Carmichael Spokeperson spoke purse Carmichael spokesperson are in Platte told C._B._S.. News Tuesday <hes> that the School Board President Joseph Missouri rejected the offer during the phone conversation Monday <hes> he said <hes> Mazurkas said that the parents who owed the money can afford to pay and that they shouldn't be covered by Carmichael Carmichael responds by saying it's irrespective of their ability to pay we would like to cover the bill and essentially what he I think what he was doing was. He's like dude. I I know what it's like to be poor and ah the humiliation of not being able to pay the bill especially a food bill for your child. Let me just cover this. Bill will forget about it. You guys walk away happy. The school district is now twenty..

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