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Took habit. who was born December eight, one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, two, and may pen parish of Clarendon Jamaica he was the youngest of his siblings and you know you can hear the soulful influence on toots. He was a multi instrumentalist any he formed to to the metals nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty one, and he could play every instrument used in his ban. He later cited that his soulful music influence influences were Otis Redding Ray Charles Wilson pick it and James Brown. And they say he is the one that coined the phrase reggae. Okay he had the song in nineteen, sixty eight called dude the reggae and it is widely credited as the genesis of the John Nra name called reggae reggae music. You know and we celebrate to Tibur who died on September eleventh twenty twenty and he started during the Scott era. which led into the rock steady era and ultimately in the REGGAE era and this song funky. Kingston came out nineteen, seventy two and we celebrate this reggae pioneer who performed for six decades and help to establish some of the fundamentals of reggae music and this is a bowl of soul. You need to know why you need to listen to a bowl of soul. Music from the fifty fifty homes a little bit of the sixty, sixty sixty thrown in with similar seventy, seven, seventy mix well with the with the bring to boil with. Just a of the future future. That's our recipe for a bowl of soul soul soul. We. Taste. Good. Out. You'll get. A. Theft. Here on a bowl of soul Belmont gene to row from.

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