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I do think that we do have to bring this up. Without East Kennedy hundred and ten targets and sixty five catches. How many drops did he have? I was getting ready to look that up Dave Shipley another great contributor to our show this sixteen drops so that's something that I was going to go ahead and look up a while. I was speaking, but you know I'm multi tasking problems that I have so thank you. For going to bring that up. You live with sixteen drops. I don't have a problem with that. Mets that's something that you know. Drops are going to happen in this league. You're going to have Especially when you're a tight end, I mean that does happen, but you're still going to have a lot of opportunities in the red zone with him, and you're GonNa have a lot of opportunities with Vance McDonald. Vance McDonald has had drops as well, but however when Vance McDonald is on the field with Ben Rothlisberger. He's very stolid, tight and option, and I would actually think that he is A. Is a higher. Higher Quality of tight end that they've had in a long time. He's probably the best since he miller is as well. But they can hear Michael Bear with me on this. Let's combine stats. Reason I'm going to combine stats because if you look at everything. You, look around this team. Stats are going to go down. You'RE NOT GONNA. Have the sexy stats with a guy with you're not gonNA. Have Antonio Brown type numbers with a guy. You don't need to have one guy getting everything and the others hoping to get some numbers in looking down because you know you take. One of these guys put them on another team. They're going to do so much better with Ben Rothlisberger having four really good receivers another one in Ryan Schwartz that he trusts. There's he's going to have to spread some baller balls around. Not Everybody's GonNa be happy. Not Everybody's giving be. AM over a thousand yards, but if you have five guys between the ranges of. Seven hundred and twelve hundred somewhere there some are going to be lower. Some are going to be higher. You're going to have a great. Receiving stable there so jujubes numbers are not going to be thirteen hundred. Beyond, Johnson's aren't going to be thirteen hundred as well beyond might not be over, but if you get nine hundred and you'd get twelve from Juju maybe I'm just spitballing James Washing. It's six or seven hundred. Shake label gets five or six hundred as a rookie. And the titans are getting. There's you're doing well. So what do you think about stats? As far before we get into the combination here yet, you know if. You take things into consideration we can. I think we can safely say there's no way this team's going above five thousand passing. If that's the benchmark, even a completely healthy Ben, he'd. Re does what he doesn't two thousand Eighteen Y- when you factor in all those names, especially when you consider his love of Ryan, Switzer under the middle will pick up a couple of hundred yards if he does what he did a few years ago. It's hard to imagine that there's GonNa be a ton of thousand yard receivers. There might be one. There might be too, but I think you're gonNA see a Lotta guys floating around that seven hundred yard range because there's so many. Balls to go round there. There's just not going to be those opportunities, but I think when it comes to tight end specifically we saw last year. They should have been used more of course given up that fifth round pick for Mr Nick Bennett at which was a complete waste now that he believed for nothing when you're looking at a year ago when they seriously coulda used those tight ends, they didn't. If that's a game plan thing, or that's just a mistrust thing with the QB's. It was a A. A little frustrating me when watching this team, if two tight ends at they obviously believe in because they're using them a lot of course, Vance was in and out of a lineup but van. It wasn't getting the ball. They weren't throwing the. We're not throwing these guys a ball, so if if they cannot build that trust or rainy features, not gonNA call any place at or kind of designed to tighten. It's easy to imagine a world where stats aren't as great as we can expect them to be. And why would that matter? Michael Back in the reason I'm asking that question. Is You look at teams that have running back by committee? And they're making the super bowl. They're winning the Super Bowl. You don't always have to have a thousand yard rusher to get in there. That's what I'm saying, so if you have a lot of high end numbers, but they're not glamorous pro bowl members who cares if you're winning a writing and this is a team that could win a ring as a team and not. Having just. Divas right, so that's that's what I'm looking at here. They've seen us through a huge revolution. In how we think about content, it's just changed everything about the world of entertainment. I'm Ronnie. Mola and I'm Peter Kafka and we're hosting the new season land of the giants, the Netflix's effect. We're exploring all things. NETFLIX's by talking to the people who started the company. NETFLIX's changed how we watch and.

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