Alex Jones, Barack Obama, Gary Busey discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Y alex jones's is they're like this great tv i everybody keep on the field keep to other fields what are you say ten for a beer now go guys to drake i do we naturally more clerks for everybody i believe yasser the other goes on obama did a pretty good job agim economy guys are welcome piloted have this i give you a little it was to women and other to him to a minimum in politics roads is probably totally cool insane offset i i don't think that's true i do i i don't think a true totally i think listen this is the thing is that how you monetize on your show i don't want us route small i don't want to i don't want people to take this uh literally because i'm only using this as a metaphor if you put it that way but metaphorically speaking let's say you were gary busey and you can be both out of your mind metaphorically and and met of also more monetize nb have a level of selfawareness to monetize it right and also be out of your mind keto ism wouldn't reward antisocial behaviour so yes chevrolet is no place for antisocial disorders and capital i think he's probably so paranoid around the office that at the very least like he probably blount new england on the no harassment thing i'm saying you meet him and he's literally like yeah how long the duma jr not no i don't remember youth sex in the city of is good work yeah all right let's go to the segments against roddick yovani charged that was okay that's all right you know that was really good i was great light i want our guys to each have special complementary bottle this is actually my signature stuff it's pretty good thing alex jones saint also am the it's clear characterize sackler.

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