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To great comic. Book legends, including Harvey, P, cars here is. In fact, in two, thousand, three leading movie of American splendor. Actually, it came down to me and another comedian. Judah friedlander for the part of. Toby. RADLOFF. Harvey's best friend. They went with. With Judah. Judah was good. It was good. But he looked just like us again, that's as far as your imagination. Something different to. needed. Look exactly does. This. Vaccine. These. Patent. Can you tell me? Well, that's also mean kind of making fun of myself when emeritus points out all the time when I'll just start going off on these. Weird. Kind of riffs about pop culture in movies where. She's like you're talking to your daughter doesn't care about this when show watch some movie or read some graphic novel. Now, who might well, you know interestingly enough, there's three different like district gambling about this. All of this useless knowledge, it's in my brain America's Kinda go. No one knows what you're talking about right now. What are you doing? So you know I thought it'd be funny to make video that way of my my horrible parenting teaching techniques. It'll be great if she ever takes a college course on Trivia Dan, that's my time to shine. Well, I sorry, there's this happens. This is one of the things about radio wanted to go back and there's something I should have asked you earlier and I didn't. So I'm just going to circle back. About again, that that first year. After Michele died 'cause I. Did you did you turn to comedy at all during that time to help you and Alice or was it just? A no-go zone. For me, it was just being present with her and and just trying to like read to her and things like that. As far as comedy was concerned I didn't do comedy for. I think like I didn't even think of doing Santa like four or five months, and then it just got to like I don't know what else to do. And I remember I. Went didn't open MIC thinking. I'm just GonNa, do this so that it'll be so horrible that I'll remind myself that I shouldn't be doing comedy, but it was such a release for me. To go up in talk, and again, it was like this researching of the life force. So I kept. Going, and then as far as watching comedy, you know what? I really needed after. I was. After Michelle Pass in all my life I needed absolute absurdity turned to comedy like there was a lot of Tim and Eric a lot of Eric on Sunday, just nonsensical. I mean abstract weirdness. That's what I wanted I wanted. That's what the because because nothing made sense to me. It was actually comforting to see people embracing the nonsensical especially and I remember I kept listening to a lot of early. Steve. Martin albums, Let's get small comedy is not pretty because. I, he was just pure absurdity. and. It was so comforting to me. That makes total sense to me, I. Feel like. When when reality has ventured into the absurd like the. With is absurdity I've felt that law in the pin this pandemic actually. I mean again, that's why I think a lot of the the best comedy that's coming out of this pandemic is the absolute absurd. I mean it although in a weird way I'm sure you've talked about this to you know th this this new superstars Sarah Cooper who thinks the trump's have? What's so brilliant about her? Is, that her joke is she she's almost playing someone who's trying to make trump look better which only like highlights the absurdity of what he's saying like if she was there pulling faces in being goofy like look at this dummy, you would go okay. Your lip synching. But the fact that she's she's almost looks like she's playing someone who's on trump's media team like, okay. He said something really dumb today. Let's have you let you're really you. You're very intelligent put together. Let's have you do it and it makes it look ten times worse. It's so brilliant. We, talking this hour with Patton. oswalt. The actor and comedian. Will. Come back. This is on point. This is on point I'm making a chocolate bardy. Today, we are talking with Patton Oswalt. He's the actor and comedian known for his many film and TV roles including the voice of remmy and Disney Pixar ready-to-eat. By the way, we just watched rewatch that in my family a couple of weeks ago. Patent of the movie holds up as beautifully today as it did back in two thousand seven. Thank you. He's also been on ABC's the goldbergs on CBS. The King of Queens on Veronica Mars. He's author of Zombie. Spaceship Wasteland a book by Patton. Oswalt, and he's executive producer of begun in the dark, which is the six part HBO Docu Series Based on the book of the same name that explores his late wife Michelle McNamara's investigation into the golden state killer, and that's on HBO I. Wanted To get all that in patent because it's your long and rich career. Here is one of the reasons why we're getting all of this social media love for you here. Jamie bear cloth, bear, Clo-. Sorry, Jamie. I said your name. Wrong. But Jamie says the painting, the patron saint of nerds. I will watch everything with this guy in it everything. has been fantastic. Jamie. Good luck. Thank you. Wow. I'll take it. Out Totally, take it and Jin says totally enjoying the discussion about death and comedy. Thank you for this interview and my God, what a weird sentence. Totally join discussion of death and comedy. I. Think you just the complexity of thought amongst our listeners here. Okay, and then how about this one social distancing Stephanie says, thank you patent for sharing Alice's words. My mom died about a week ago and I found this very comforting album. Think she's referencing Alice's words about being the living memory of piano that you lost. So people are people are listening Patton, you not I also wanted to say that Earlier in the show and replace some of the clips. Of you and actually featuring and I laughed out loud. I have to say I. Just like feeling that belly laugh. It was kind of a surprise. I, was like Oh, that's what this feels like I haven't had this feeling in a long time. I. Do feel like all of us. Have had this sort of collective. Holding of our breasts or or or like suspended animation for many months now, and he was something as simple as the release of laughter actually is coming as a surprise. Yeah. I. Mean. We've been whistling past the graveyard for so long on a terrible analogy us right now, but you know with all this death there, I mean it, it's. I think. The dead would want us to laugh. You know it's the. It's the It's the tyrants who don't like the sound of laughter. So you know to go, we're going to live. We're GONNA fix this a lot of times that starts with laughter to not to sound dismissive of any of the horror that's going on around us but it it is an it's such state to state, but it's a release valve if you don't have that I, think people go insane. Yeah. That's what makes it so subversive actually also..

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