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John o. Las. John now that song associated with Bill Monroe in some ways I found. Early recordings of that. Thing going back to the early days of Merle Travis And there was an old country group and I can't remember the name is funny they played this particular song on the radio back home of a couple of weeks. Ago when I heard it and they said the. Song goes back to the early thirties so I couldn't, tell you exactly. Who they said it was a pretty major. Record for that time so but they didn't I couldn't remember who they said it was I'm going to have to call disc jockey over there that I. Heard him play and try to find out what info on because we tried to find I remember when we was in the studio and the producer or the record. Was trying. To find exact info wanna and we never did actually find a true. Riders, credit aren't so I know which listed as traditional on the record her she d. Yeah a lot of those songs they didn't really start recording the songs before the twenties Thing and then. A, lot of that stuff back then even when it was recorded it wasn't documented yeah So a, lot of people didn't really know what. You know they were really getting into back then and I mean. You kind kinda kind of a law the music is just don't have record, like it should. Go Mazda Altuna it's a fun tuned. Employees let's AP Carter came along and collected on, collectors He. Wanted somebody seen it and they. Said well that ain't got. No name on it maybe we can put ours They'd been a little bit of that. Dog and along the way Out of it work oh boy now you we're. We're was this that you were that you were living in Kentucky Yeah yeah still all these guys, are are from that that, air they'll from Virginia and Kentucky well no the. Guitar player Ryan from south West Virginia about thirty. Minutes from. Me and I, got three North Carolina boys in here I try not say that Some parts of the country but no the wonderful thing about North Carolina is. You throw a, rock down there and hit a banjo. Player and actually, this time I actually threw a. Small pebble, and got a fiddle player and then pebble bounced off his head and his brother standing away and, hit the rocket him wrap join, us, so. You know I got Adam than a year. Later I, got Jake and and the. Thing, about, it I mean I was blessed or when, when Adam came to work, with us a little over two years ago I. I really got in a Oh brother, shares where he's in tight spot And we needed a, fiddle player and this kid calls up he he calls her are publishes and one of our book and Stacey and talks to her as an atom new me which him and Jake. Both knew me and Adam says tail Kevin's I can be ready. In three weeks to. Play fiddle for me I'll never forget that. So I, called him and talk to him he said you if you give me three weeks latte or this, is, gonna be interesting right here I thought yeah I'll give you three. Weeks fetch what it takes and sure enough he showed. Up for an art can always remember this it was sad the day Adam Alderson force. Was the. Day that James, Keane, passed away oh boy may the nineteenth And he hired him that day and then of course we went just a. Little bit. Over a year And Brother By banjo with us Rested history now, now Daniel back here he I admit, his mom, and him of course by, one award by now we love his mom like we actually don't care much about Daniel Now I. Did, I I actually got to talk to his, mother I and. Everything and she was telling me all about Daniel and you own him play in then course Adam and Jake gots tell me about, him they've they've kind of watched him grow up and took him under their, wing you, know and Daniels a great banjo player and get to our player and plays in. Myelin he picks everything get his fingers on his. Nose anything just don't make no difference to. Him But He Kansas sparked interest and, I I mentioned to. Him I, said, well I've seen you play in base down here a little. Bit I. Should if anything ever, happens would you like to maybe try point vice-foreign? Course, he he jumped at the. Chance I started sending him material and, everything and he started gathering stuff and and going. Around and by the, time couple of weeks ago comes, up you, know and, he he was ready shavers radio seventeen year. Old but I think he's a very seasoned musician already for his, age and I'm kind of starting to feel like Noah Lawson, option random myself with a bunch of kids and and getting run out there and do this trying to feel young again in some. Way that's a good way to. Stay stay, young The home, but all that entertain it ain't easy to run with you it ain't too bad Jake back your main Jake's broke down as I. Am like at age twenty three. Year old But no all these guys are great musicians and I mean we we truly enjoy what we're getting to do and love each other like brothers on the road and stuff only. Problem that, we have is we. Need to get a sponsorship with a bagel bites on pizza bagel vice because they, don't put enough of a box to feed feeder bluegrass band. Or five oh boy. You run. Into that we'll have to write to them after I started writing campaign bagel bites This is not working for bluegrass. Bands or, this is just the. Stuff you really wanna hear in a radio interview well no that's important Jaeger boxing bigger Bengals no, right now, we got a lot of listeners. Out there very. Activists listeners they'll probably be writing letters right I sure hope some people watching you know we love the combination wants. To, let's, pepperoni sausage Oh.

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