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A guy, you know, and Forrest Gump came back around about three weeks after I auditioned for it. And and offered me the part. And so now, I I didn't have anything. And now all of a sudden thing, right? I gotta make a decision between them a movie called tall tale. That Disney was doing and Forrest Gump, and I very much wanted to play. The Vietnam veteran the tall tale movie. I would have been played the the father in a movie about a little boy. And the mother was going to be played by my wife Maura. Oh, so turn down playing the father and working with wife and went to work with Tom Hanks, and and and did Forrest Gump. But I think it was the right move. Absolutely absolutely was ten years after nine eleven you created the Gary Sinise foundation you last year raised thirty five million dollars thirty five million in one year alone among its programs construction of a special adapted smart homes for severely wounded veterans center provided mortgage free homes. You know, you you lead Lieutenant Dan ban and touring hundreds of shows a concert station and military bases and war zones. I mean, you're a guy that has really put his money. Where's mouth? Authors and gotten this done and do you're doing amazing amazing things every day, man. Well, thank you. I guess I was always the kind of guy that just takes action. You know? And maybe maybe it's out of it came from. Insecurity in some ways years and years ago when I was a kid, I was always a little intimidated because academically I just I just couldn't cut things, you know, I really struggled. If you look at my mom, save all my report cards from kindergarten through high school. And if you look at them, it's like a D average. It really is. It's like a D average all the way from little kid to to high school. But then I get into high school, and I start taking all the theater classes. And all of.

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