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The whitman's at hanson near oak is selling gas for two eighty nine a gallon in berlin the minute man i'd sixteenth and lombard has gas for three oh nine if you see a great price give us a call three one two four nine g a s s wbz news time to thirty eight traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by the berman auto group here's veronica carter eisenhower inbound at mannheim there's a crash in the two left lanes i eighty eight westbound before winfield near mill road left lanes reopened from an earlier crash but it's backed up to yacky edens nineteen minutes out to lake cook it's twenty five on the inbound side kennedy half an hour to montross forty seven minutes downtown to o'hare especially in terrapin outbound their nineteen from the junction to the ohio feeder inbound all jammed up it's an hour seven from the airport to downtown and forty from the instruction is now it's gonna take you an hour two minutes to get out to mannheim our in fifteen minute ride to three ninety inbound one hour from three ninetytwo downtown crash at mannheim in the two left lanes stevenson forty two the tristate fifty two three fifty five in bouncing our three fifty five to lakeshore drive i fifty five southbound heavy arsenal wrote a river road because of roadwork dan ryan is twenty eight minutes on the outbound side thirty five in crash past thirty first in the locals in the left lane i fifty seven the bishop ford good lakeshore drive northbound stevenson through grand park is tight southbound heavy north avenue to chicago tristate to win with pencil fifty five to the installations roosevelt is saint charles half day town line road all lanes now open from an earlier crash southbound tweet to the bentonville bridges a little slow i eighty eight to ogden then from i eighty to the thornton corey on the jane addams eastbound slow in the right lane approaching the ramp to southbound fifty three that ramp is backed up ronald reagan again on the westbound side yak leader winfield is tight and the rest of the tollways looking pretty good i eighty.

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