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Hello hello this is reality of reality. I'm elise arose in a longtime tv producer and development executive every week on the podcast. I talked to interesting people in all aspects of unscripted content. So before i introduce my guest. I want to talk a little bit about what i've been watching and listening to this week. I watched the whole four part series. The nights the hunt for the night stalker. Netflix really really well. Done by the abc company Had those guys on the podcast early on eli holzman and aaron said men Just you know if you love true crime. It's very well told. It was a harrowing story of a guy that terrorized los angeles county mostly In the eighties and sort of how the detectives Finally caught up with him really really good until the very end real nail biter also super dark. I finished surviving death. Which was very well done. I'm having the director ricki stern on next week which i'm really excited about To talk all about it. I started watching the series. That's been around a while but sort of discovered it on. Cnbc called american greed. I- embarrassingly was slightly obsessed with mike. Alava nadi when he came on the scene and then was very obsessed with his downfall and so they premiered their new season with his story on monday night. You can watch it on demand. It was really well done. I mean this is sort of like traditional doc storytelling but even if you like that kind of thing. I watched another one with that. Anna delhvi that con artist. There's one with nexium coming up so they have some good stories. And then i do want to recommend a podcast that i have grown to really love. It's sort of like a good antidote to these trying times because it's just funny which is smart less. It's the podcast hosted by jason. Bateman will arnett. And sean hayes may have a great chemistry the really good friends on guests at celebrity guests and then one of them gets the guest and then surprised the other two and then keep it really light. I highly recommend the mardi short interview. I was laughing so hard And always stay tuned for their banter after the episode for some reason. That's become my favorite part. And i also really love the julia louis dreyfus and the bryan cranston interviews. So i'm making my way through those on my morning walks and i recommend okay so the podcast today. A very special guest someone who i've known for almost eighteen years and i also live with. It is my husband. Brian club so i never thought. I don't think either of us ever thought we'd see the day we would be doing a podcast together. Because he's an attorney works in a very different field. Doesn't watch any of the trash. That i watch so we found something. We found something to come together on for the podcast which his love of golf and deep knowledge of tiger woods and i really loved the documentary tiger on. Hbo so on the podcast. Today we will be breaking it down. And even if you don't like golf which admittedly i do not like off. You will enjoy the a banter. Shall we say between. Brian and myself and a highly recommend you check out the documentary tiger on hbo. It's two parts okay. So i'm here with my husband brian. Hello brian louisa. Welcome to the podcast..

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