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You're gonna pay a safety to be the highest paid player at his position on the team that still looking for a quarterback. That makes no sense to me. The one thing that I told you and I've been talking about BK over the last Week or so, two weeks is that you pay For past defense when you have all the other areas of your team, right like that should be the Let that that's the one area or you could pay at the end and go get him. But for you to make your championship run, But until you get your quarterback toe have a highly paid corner or safety on your team, man. That just does not make sense to me. I don't know about you, but that doesn't make sense to me. Well, I'm not disagreeing fundamentally what you're saying. Under the assumption with what you're gonna pay Justine Simons is that Drew La Castille, your quarterback for at least another year. Who and he's on a rookie deal. If you can't acquire a veteran via trade, and you're just bringing in and then we know your stance about bringing in Andy Dalton's of the world if you can't trade for two Shawn Watson, a Russell Wilson and I don't think Russell's going anywhere but if you can't land one of those guys Then the next quarterback is almost certainly going to be someone you draft if it's not true lock, So you're still gonna have to lock for two more years on a rookie deal or you're gonna draft another quarterback, and you can continue to pay some of the other position players to help. Try to keep her team in games and make plays while you're trying to figure that out. We all know that without a quarterback, none of the rest of this matters, but you guys gonna let guys walk to play other young and experience guys and hope there is good is Justine Simons right now the top safety in the league average annual is making between Fort 14 14.5. So that means to make him the highest paid safety. You've got to be in 15 million bucks a year. While that doesn't sound I know palatable to you. I think that will be palatable to them. They paid him 12 or 13 million this year. I think, 12.5 whatever that number was, so it's only an increase of a couple million bucks for a guy that hasn't missed. This happened three years. He's the opposite of rice college boy. But once again this is not about this is not about out. You know, this is this is about value and knowing when to pull the trigger to pay somebody I'd rather get draft capital not being totally honest, which I'd rather get equivalent draft capital out. Of Justine Simons third round pick because that's the highest think you could get us a compensatory pick when he signs somewhere about in a trade a sign and trade deal. I mean, we're seeing more MBA style drink. Uh, Want MBA style deals done in the end in the NFL, Does he not have any value? What? I don't think he does, But we have yet to see full blown sign and trades were seeing salary dumps, but we're not seeing. Hey, let's sign this guy and then trade them to you because of the way the NFL bonus structure and salary cap works. That's why Jared Goss bonus is still being paid by the Rams, even though he's now getting his salary paid by by Elaine, if by Detroit And if Carson Wentz castrated, the Eagles have to swallow a huge chunk of that bonus, because they're the ones who ain't into that deal, So the NFL economics are different than the embassy. I'm not saying fundamentally wrong. I just don't see it happening. So.

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