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All right, Mark spring hill. Florida the great WS Kyi go Lebanon. Thank you very much for having me on air. You bet honored to be speaking with you tonight. Thank you. Forgive my voice. Please them under a lung transplant. Oh, my Lord you. All right. Of started out with you. I thought I had the Monja, but it it went deeper than that. But anyway, circle hold on. How you doing? Well, I'm I'm on the lung transplant monoxide in twenty four hours a day. So. I'm just waiting my turn, you know? I have no idea how long that takes to get what you need. Well, I just wanted to make a comment. This thing about Trump. It goes deeper than them just trying to get the president. They want to make an example out of the present all of us. You are not one of the boys. The good old boys. Do not even think about running for the presidency 'cause we will crush you. They did it to Ross Perot are member Ross Perot filled stadiums up everywhere, he went just like Trump did and they got to mister Perot somehow and he dropped out of the race. Well, I agree with you on Trump. I was never a big Perot fan. But I agree with you. Stadiums. The same way, I agree. But I agree with your big point, which is. It's not only about Trump. But you're right. They're setting an example, don't ever try this again, right? Anybody any common citizen that wants to run for presidency? They are making sure if you're not one of the good ol boys. Don't do it. Now. I agree with you to next like call now, Mark. What.

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