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My worst wait and never Lee number trials, but yeah, so you know, then it just became hit that one good shot. And it's like, man, you chase it trying to find trying to say. That felt good. And then you start to realize, man. This this game was pretty cool, very competitive. You know, players on the team plays play it and they have about ninety. But I got hurt in one thousand nine hundred. Nine tore my seal is when I was rehabbing as when I would really, really took the golf started. Just kind of reading golf magazine's, watching. You know, the addiction, the addiction started putting chipping with twenty, he'll. And then when I came back man, it was on it was just go full bore man. So who's the dude you're most proud of beating on the golf course? To be. Yeah. What was the one moment where you like? I've been waiting to whoop. Does. I'm still waiting. Best. I love to be done. I love to be John man, but my best score I was one over par seventy three. Yeah, yeah, that was my best. But that was after I retired and I got into golf, got to coach my back. My coaches here, STAN sairs was my first coach and so we, this was my routine. We'd get up in the morning, do short game stuff. You know, play eighteen holes, comeback have lunch practice again, play eighteen holes. I did that for like a month when I retired, and so my score, it actually got worse before it gets better. And then all of a sudden it just clicked. Yeah, and all of a sudden men and my scores are sorta dropping and just started shooting. And it was really just more of course management and is learning how to play golf instead of just thinking every shot. You know, you can hit every shot. There's some thought behind it, right? Which I didn't have that before. So once I got that and just being able to understand, okay, you don't need to try to make a hero shot. They'll do the odds of you making the shot to pull it off as slim. So why even try it. So it was a lot of that man, but then my boss, right. He became a lot better and I got. Really good at it. And then I started getting to a point where I'm like, man, I was obsessed with it, and I started spending too much time on a golf course. And would just, but then what happened with our plateaued? I wasn't getting any better. I started getting a little worse and I'm like, wow, if I did all this and all I'm doing now is here. Yeah. What is it gonna take for me to go there and I realize I cannot do that. So it just became fun for me to play the game and just be good enough to get around the course and I didn't care about being a scratch golfer or anything like that. If actually, you know eighties or mid seventies, so that's straight round was off on. That's fun. Golfer, I Davis you made time for us. You got to get out of here. It kills me. We got to let you know, man. I'll be, I'll be back. Okay. I'll be honest. You come a whole bunch of time. Thanks, man. Appreciate you coming up. Next we're going to hear from Trent Dilfer who by the way, the only reason he took up golf was because of something that happened at.

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