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The morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg. Naughty. Chiel? Kelly. Now, we're discussing. Yeah. Basically. Jio on the fan and CBS sports network. Yeah. I mean. I can understand. We're trying to talk about why we all get so angry when it comes to sports events. I guess is really the crux of the conversation. So some good points there for sure it is boomer and geo on the fan and CBS sports network. We got of course. John Walker falls Joe. What's happening, brother? Hey. Good morning, gentlemen. How are you? Great great. Yes. Think about a-rod coming in. Back and when he came back in two thousand seven eight where it was. There was no preconceived notions. I want Iraq can do in the clutch. And then before you know, what a ride was enemy number one little jeeter thing comes into it. But he was enemy number one. Imagine Kershaw coming in with the fact that we know here. He's terrible. He's already terrible the playoffs. I imagine that day one. I mean, it would just be. I mean, he'd be vilified here. I mean, he may destroy. I think he's a great guy. I think is a low key guy. And I think he can handle the New York media. I just I'm just a guy with back issues, and he's thirty years old. And you you wanna give one hundred and fifty million dollars to opt out of his contract. I think you're asking a lot. And you know, I wouldn't compare him day. Rod I would compare them. You know, maybe a little bit Giancarlo Stanton. Because Stanton had a decent year this year and probably would have had a much better year had judge not gotten hurt. Yeah. I mean, I think if you're the Yankees next year, you gotta go and beat the Red Sox. You gotta get to the World Series. You got to win it. Right. So if you're paying for four years of Clayton Kershaw, and he delivers you a World Series. And you don't care, right. I mean, especially when the Yankees you can cover up mistakes with money like some other teams can and some can't now that's the resources that they have. There's no question about that. And he would be he would be there. I don't know. What would happen Severino, but he would be their number one guy. Now, you gotta remember his history in the postseason as compared to his regular season. I mean, it's it's David price Eskin spots. Even though price sorta shook some of that off. But I mean Kershaw if you're bringing in Kershaw he needs to be better in the postseason, and he has been the moment he signs a contract the Yankees the first question is what what's the problem within the playoffs? That's the problem, right? Yeah. Sure. Let's go to Mattie and Long Island, Mattie. What's happening, brother? Hey, guys, just really wanted to I compliment you guys. You have a great show. I.

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