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So a lot of yet. It's a ritual for a lot of photographers, I talked to because it's it's if you're on an adventure like that you'd back to back to the hotel room in care of all that stuff and then go out to dinner in me. Exactly. Right. Exactly. That's that's the flow. So, you know, that's amazing. You know, we were talking about that in the green room before we started the interview about how technology has allowed downsizing and doing a lot more in upping production quality with a lot less gear. Right. Karen? You're feeling it with the Fuji cameras and near Liz, Anton, you're feeling with small drones in meritless cameras in all that being able to go anywhere in. Actually, create the story when you guys came back. Karen, we'll start with you. When you guys came back to the US was what was your deliverable to each other? Can was it just, you know? Okay. I'm gonna post process all these amazing images and drop them on dropbox. And here's a script that Anton gave me read it. And then I'm done or was it more collaborative and you guys sitting in a room together sort of walking through the process. Well, so both because we get so this is how Anton does the voiceover part. Which is you know, this long interview. We did I think it was like ninety minutes wasn't it something like that out of that out of that? She this is this is it just blows my mind, how he pulled this thread that he'd put in the film out of all that Jaber Javer that we went through and he wrote up a script, and we made a little studio in closet. You know, I I did voiceovers professionally, you know, he's done a lot of this. We knew how to kinda pad. This thing up to sound is, you know, not so echoey in voice anyway, you have supervisor. Yeah. But you know, audio is the hardest thing to do. In the field. I think really good audio. That isn't like base loaded echoing you can't hear it. So. Yeah. So I was able to do that. And and, but we did it in we recorded it in this little space that we made. And then so he had that story and I had seen that. So I knew I knew what he was seeing. I knew in terms of the story line in the thread. So then there were two or three places on location that he'd say so talk about this. You know, and I knew when he said that I knew where in his story that would fit. So then it became alright if we had recorded by then, but I knew kind of the tone would be so I had to sort of match the tone in the field was tone recorded in the closet studio. So that the whole thing could be edited together later without a lot of fuss and muss in retakes. Anton. Anton, visit your recollection of the processes. Well. Absolutely. You know, that's my process. I'll interview the photographer Karen princes on Skype or Google hangouts or whatever a month before. And I'll take that ninety minute interview on I'll chop it up in a million pieces, and I'm basically write a script for them. But it's in their words, you know, it was in Cairns worms. I just kind of cleaned it up in may. I took it from ninety minutes to four minutes. You know? Yeah. We made a little sound studio in the closet of the Airbnb at lake bled. And she whipped through it super-quick. You know, that's her background. So she was mazing at it missile. Yeah. That part was produced particular Thome was so easy. And you know, I love that that was really fun because it was totally collaborative because it was a few things. He used my words. But I wouldn't have said it quite that way in that context..

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